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Evangelization and Catechesis Committee September 2015

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Evangelization and Catechesis Committee

September 2015

The E&C Committee met twice in September, once on September 8 and again on September 17.

The September 8 meeting focused on orienting ourselves to the Year of Mercy and to begin planning for the parish’s Lenten Mission.

Committee members read the Papal Bull proclaiming the Year of Mercy prior to the meeting and discussed with each other.

Because we have a major program beginning later in the month and a joint meeting with the Worship Committee beginning at 7:15 we chose to meet September 17 to focus on final prep for Oremus .

At 7:15 we joined the Worship Committee for some preliminary discussion on the mission.

Combined group reviewed last year’s mission and made some “framework” decisions for this year. Our focus will be on the Year of Mercy, possibly on the Works of Mercy. The mission will extend through the whole season with weekly meetings either on Monday (preferred) or Thursday evenings. Fr. Willie Vandeloo will be approached to do the kickoff evening placing things in the context of discipleship. Anissa will contact. We decided to not do a seder this year. A small group comprised of members from both groups will flesh out the weekly topics and speakers and report back. Volunteers included Dick Reichert, Mark Schumacher, Anissa and Mike.

The September 17 meeting focused specifically on Oremus. Group reviewed the leader video and materials. Mike walked through the study and the responsibilities of being a table facilitator. Study begins Thursday September 24. Group decided on how to place people in groups. Registration as of the 17th was still below 20. (note: registration currently at 30 after 1st session)

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