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Epipactis gigantean

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Epipactis is a plant that is made up of at least 70 different species. The most known species are gigantean, Lowland Legacy, Mairei, palustris and Sabine. These plants start growing in between March and April but the flowers only start growing during June and July. Usually by November they start dying until the next time you plant them.

Epipactis gigantean: These stems grow up to 20-60cm. Then they grow flowers that are 2-3cm, which are brown, yellow and red. When they start to grow they will grow 6cm deep but they will eventually grow out a long ways, once their grown out then you must wait and just let them settle. These Epipactis’ grow in the western USA.

Epipactis Lowland Legacy: This is a very rare plant from Cyprus. The petals are usually green with a mix of raspberry red, orange and white.

Epipactis mairei: This stems grows up to 30-70cm with long slim yellow roots. This plant comes in Indian-red to almost orange-red at one extreme, or greenish-orange at the other. The petals and lip are a brighter orange or orange-red, with contrasting yellow pollinia. These plants are found in China, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Epipactis palustris: These plants are red, yellow, orange and white. This species should be planted in wet soil and left in the sun. These are found in Europe.

Epipactis Sabine: This plant is white and yellow, infused with orange-red near the top, tepals rich red-brown.
Almost all of epipactis’ are found in America, Asia and Europe. These orchids grow in open spaces in forests, in undergrowth, on calcareous soils and are often found in wet dune-slacks near the sea. Most of the epipactis species grow in wet environments. Some species have reduced leaves and need little chlorophyll, others don’t need any chlorophyll to live. The epipactis belongs to the plantae kingdom. The epipactis is related to Orchidaceae and their subfamily is the epidendroideae.
Most epipcatis’ live in wet soil. They all need to get sun one way or another. Its habitat is the woods. The actual plant grows up to 3 feet. The whole flower across is from ½ to ¾ of an inch. The flower is almost always spring colors. These colors mostly include orange, red, brown and green. The flowers bloom from July to August.
The epipcatis has also many other more scientific names for it, these names are; Epipactis latifolia var. viridiflora, Epipactis viridiflora, Serapias viridiflora, Serapias helleborine

Most epipactis’ live in wet soil.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

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