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Eos climate Expert Sources

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EOS Climate Expert Sources
EOS Climate is a San Francisco based company at the forefront of the struggle to solve climate change. This innovative company produces high-quality carbon offsets through the destruction of ozone depleting substances (ODS). These offsets can then be traded on the emerging global carbon markets.
EOS Climate is working with policy makers at all levels to incorporate ODS destruction into effective climate legislation. Company executives are available to discuss regional, national and international policy regarding ODS regulations as well as high-level policy; cap-and-trade and carbon markets; greenhouse gas measurement and mitigation; and the fundamentals of ODS destruction.


Matt Jones, CEO
Matt, the newest edition to the executive team, oversees strategic vision of the company and is responsible for building a top-rate team and assessing necessary resources for implementing that vision – from staffing to finances, partners and sales.
Matt can speak to:

  • Company vision, history, investment and business strategy

Joe Madden, Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer
Joe is responsible for business development strategies aimed at scaling EOS offerings and solidifying market position worldwide.
Joe can speak to:

  • Company vision, history, high-level policy issues, partnership strategy, and sales goals

Kathryn Rose, CFO
Kathryn leads the company’s fundraising efforts and oversees strategic partnership and business model analysis.
Kathryn can speak to:

  • Capital investment strategies, existing and future partnerships

Pier Kuehn, COO
Pier leads EOS Climate’s operations and coordinates integration of operations with other facets of the company’s business. He also oversees the development of the company’s technology platform.
Kuehn can speak to:

Jeff Cohen, Co-Founder & SVP Science & Policy
As the lead voice on science and policy, Jeff drives EOS Climate’s involvement in regional, national and international policy to enable the most cost-effective market-based mechanisms to eliminate emissions from ODS. Additionally, Jeff identifies and assesses new scientific solutions for the EOS Climate model—from destruction technology to alternative replacement technologies for ODS.
Cohen can speak to:

  • Policy regarding historical ODS regulations and the current legislative landscape; the anatomy of ozone depleting substances; the HFC gap and how it relates to ODS, ODS destruction project design and implementation

Saskia Feast, VP Sales & Marketing
Saskia leads EOS Climate’s sales and marketing efforts. In a rapidly-evolving carbon marketplace, Saskia established a compelling case for sales to compliance and voluntary buyers, demonstrating the value, transparency, and verifiability of EOS-generated CRTs from ODS destruction. Her work helped establish EOS as the recognized pioneer of this credit type.
Feast can speak to:

Todd English, Co-Founder & VP Projects
Todd focuses on designing and implementing project systems with EOS Climate partners. English is an expert in climate change mitigation strategies, and developing sustainable business initiatives.
Todd can speak to:

Henry Miner, VP Stewardship Participation
Henry leads EOS Climate’s stewardship program that enables organizations to revolutionize their handling of refrigerants at end-of-life. He ODS users, manufacturers, re-claimers, and sellers, as well as sales and marketing.
Henry can speak to:


  • Paul Ashford, EU Science and Policy Advisor / UNEP Technical Economic Assessment Panel Co-Chair

  • Alexander Biel, Marketing and Branding Advisor / Founder and President of Alexander L. Biel & Associates

  • Kirk Knight, IT and Strategic Advisor / Founder of Cobalt Card


  • Michael Dunham, JACO Environmental Inc, Appliance take back and recycling for retailers and utility take back programs

Media Contact: Sarah McGee,, 510-847-2960

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