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Engineering an Empire: Russia – History Channel Video Ivan The Great

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Engineering an Empire: Russia History Channel Video
Ivan The Great

  1. Under Ivan the Great, his people had been under the thumb of Eurasia’s most brutal conquerors, a Mongol sect called….

  1. If Ivan the Great defeats the Tatars, what happens to Russia?

  1. Where did the Kievan Rus’ migrate to?

  1. What city was located in the Fertile Heart of Russia?

  1. What was Ivan the Great determined to do when he came to power?

  1. What are some characteristics of Ivan III that earned him “The Great” title?

  1. With Ivan the Great’s marriage and his adoption of the Byzantine religion, he declares Russia…

  1. What is the name of the Cathedral (today) that Peter the Great built during his rein?

  1. By the time of his death, Ivan the Great created an …

Ivan the Terrible

  1. Ivan the Terrible is given the credit for making Russia an ..

  1. How much did Russia’s territory increase under Ivan the Terrible?

  1. What did the Tatars’ capital of Kazan prevent for Russia?

  1. What is said to of produced an Ivan that is terrible?

  1. Considered the first emperor to formally crown himself …

  1. What was designed to defend Russian troops against Kazan on Asia’s exposed Plains?

  1. What military tactic ultimately brought down Kazan’s fortress?

  1. As Ivan becomes a conqueror, Russia becomes an …

  1. What does Ivan build to commemorate his victory over Kazan?

  1. What do the 8 towers of the Cathedral symbolize?

  1. How did Ivan ruin the succession to his thrown?

Peter the Great

  1. How tall was Peter the Great?

  1. What did Peter learn when he went to Europe incognito?

  1. Peter chose the spot for his future capital city because of …

  1. The people of Russia literally built St. Petersburg with their…

  1. What year did Peter make St. Petersburg the capital of Russia?

  1. What happened to Peter after trying to save a drowning sailor?

Catherine the Great

  1. How did Catherine come to power?

  1. What did Catherine do brilliantly to be a successful monarch?

  1. What did Catherine set up to address her nation’s poor?

  1. How many new towns did Catherine build?

  1. Catherine renovated her residence called the..

Alexander I

  1. What did Alexander wait for when fighting Napoleon and his troops?

  1. What % of Napoleon’s troops survived their march out of Russia?

Nicolas I (Alexander’s brother – not mentioned in the video directly)

  1. What was erected in the middle of St. Petersburg to honor Czar Alexander?

Nicolas II

  1. Felt Russia’s future fell on the Pacific and built the …

  1. The Railroad had economic and political objectives, it was to open up the far eat to Russian _______________ and to establish Russian ______________ in the far east.

  1. The conflict of economic and political objectives led Russia to war with…

38. How long did the Russian Czars rule overall?

Engineering an Empire: Russia

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