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E. Muskegon Street  Cedar Springs, Michigan 49319 Ph: (616) 696-1200  Fax: (616) 696-4016

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204 E. Muskegon Street  Cedar Springs, Michigan 49319 Ph: (616) 696-1200  Fax: (616) 696-4016


August 5, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter of recommendation in support of Michelle Bunton. Michelle served our building this past school year as a long term substitute in our TECH 21 Academy. In that role, Michelle taught Algebra and Geometry sections with a larger than typical cluster of at-risk students.
Michelle was hired after our first trimester when it was determined that the original substitute filling a maternity leave had challenges with classroom management. Needless to say, this was not an ideal situation to enter. Michelle having served GVSU Prime Math Program and having experience working with many programs that served students with various challenges, was able to engage students in collaborative ways, with deep level math questioning that provided appropriate rigor.
In this program, there were students that were not at grade level standard and Michelle patiently unpacked the pre-requisite skills students needed to ensure their success. She would routinely confer with students to provide differentiated support.
Should you have any additional questions regarding Michelle’s many accolades, please feel free to contact me.


Anne Kostus

Director, Student Academic Support Services

Cedar Springs High School

Work: (616) 696-1200, Ext. 1402

Cell: (616) 318-8105

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