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Duan, h (2011) Molecular approaches for transgene containment and their potential applications in horticultural crops. In: Transgenic horticultural crops: challenges and opportunities. Mou. B (ed.) Crc press (in press) Chen, Y

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Dr. Duan has been working in the field of plant biotechnology for many years. Currently Dr. Duan is the molecular team 2 leader in J. R. Simplot company's Plant Sciences Business, working on research and development of a number of potato agronomic and consumer traits using intragenic and cisgenic technology. Dr. Duan obtained his PhD degree from the University of Connecticut, where he was a key developer of the Gene-Deletor technology in Dr. Yi Li's lab. Then he did his postdoctoral research with Dr. Mary Schuler at the University of Illinois, as a key player in an NSF 2010 project, functional genomics of plant P450 genes. Dr. Duan has more than 25 publications appearing in journals such as Plant Physiology, Arch. in Biochemistry and Biophysics, Plant Biotechnology Journal, PROTEINS, RNA, Photochemistry Reviews and Transgenic Research. In this talk he will present his recent work and his point of view on genetic engineering.
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