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Dual Credit Program News

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Dual Credit Program News
January, 2014
With the recent announcement from Mohawk College that it will be leaving Brantford, this year continues to be a transition year for Dual Credit and SWAC programs in Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk.
None the less, the Business and Humanities programs currently offered in Brantford will continue through June 2014 at 67 Darling Street downtown Brantford. The SWAC programs in Ohsweken, both the Trades and the Humanities programs, will continue as well. In addition to the Human Services Program offered at Fanshawe College, there will also be an Introduction to Trades program for eligible students in Norfolk schools. In addition to the Dual Credit courses at the Mohawk Fennell Campus in Hamilton for students in the Haldimand schools, several new Dual Credit courses will be offered through schools in both school boards in Semester two. More information will follow.
Attached is a chart describing the various SWAC programs and courses, including the proper Ministry codes, and, the start and end dates for each course, course type and location.

Since courses will run consecutively, students will have many entry and exit points as the program can be more easily tailored to their individual needs.

Information regarding Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting of student achievement in Dual Credit courses is outlined in the new policy document: Dual Credit Programs: Policy and Program Requirements, 2013 which was released by the Ministry last spring and was sent to all secondary schools. The document is also available on the Ministry of Education’s website, at
Distinct dual credit course codes are developed by the Ministry of Education for use on the Ontario Student Transcript. The list of Ministry-approved dual credit course codes is available at See section 2.4.2 of the policy document for the description of the characters. I have included the correct course codes in the attached chart.
Section 4.2.2 of the policy document describes the process for Mid-Term and final reporting. Please note that if there is no mark available for the mid-term report card, “NM” must be entered in the “Percentage Mark” column.
Revised Student Application Forms and Guidance Reports are available on the SCWI website: PLEASE DISCARD ALL PREVIOUS FORMS. Use only the forms indicated as there is new information that needs to be collected for reporting purposes.
Forward all applications to my attention:
For more information regarding the SWAC program, please check the website or contact Mary Gallo, Dual Credit Program Coordinator, via email: or by phone: 519 756 5466. Information regarding any SCWI program may be directed to Jan Tyrrell, SCWI coordinator:

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