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Directions from the airport by car Follow A201

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Executive Briefing Center for European Innovation
Avenues Des Nerviens – Nerviërslaan 85

1040 Brussels


Phone +32 2 740 46 11


By car

  • Follow A201 for 950m

  • At the sign ZAVENTEM-CENTRUM / DA VINCI – LUCHTHAVEN GENERAL AVIATION, follow the ramp Leopold III-laan-Zaventem-Centrum for 450 m

  • Exit: 3 follow the motorway A201 for 4.2 km

  • Turn left, follow Boulevard Léopold III-Leopold-III Laan for 3.2 km

  • Turn left, follow Boulevard Général Wahis-Generaal Wahislaan for 300 m

  • Turn left, follow the roundabout Place Général Meiser-Generaal Meiserplein for 50 m

  • Turn right, follow Avenue Eugène Plasky-Eugène Plaskylaan for 950 m

  • Turn left, follow Rue Du Noyer-Place De Jamblinne De Meux-Notelaarsstraat-Jamblinne De Meuxplein for 50 m

  • Turn right, follow Belliard-Cortenberghtunnel-Tunnel Belliard-cortenbergh for 800 m

  • Turn left, follow the roundabout Robert Schumanplein-Rond-Point Robert Schuman for 150 m

  • Turn right, follow Avenue d’Auderghem-Auderghemselaan for 300 m

  • Turn left, follow Nerviërslaan-Avenue Des Nerviens for 200 m


By Train
In the train station of the airport, level -1, four trains per hour link the airport with Brussels North, Central and South stations. Travel time is about 15 minutes.
First train: 5.32 a.m. - last train: 0.20 a.m.
Tickets are on sale in the stations (it is also possible to buy a ticket in the train, but there is a considerable price supplement). 3,80 € (1st class); 2,60 € (2nd class).
From the train station you can take a taxi to the EBC.
By Taxi

The taxi stand is outside the Airport Arrivals hall. A trip from the airport to Brussels will cost approximately € 30, 00. Official taxis (beware of hustlers) are recognized by their yellow and blue sign.

By Bus (B12 Express Bus)

A bus assures connection between Brussels National Airport and the centre of Brussels

The bus station can be found at level 0 of the Airport.

The bus stops at Evere, Rond Point Schuman (exit for EBC), rue Ducale, Luxembourg.

First departure: 5 a.m.

Last departure: 11 p.m. (September to June: 12 p.m.)

Bus every 30 minutes
Leave the bus at Rond Point Schuman, which is about 10 minutes walk from the EBC.

From the exit Rond Point Schuman, follow Avenue d’Auderghem.

Go left to Avenue des Nerviens-Nerviërslaan 85.

Directions from Gare Station Brussels Zuid (Gare du Midi)
By Car

Follow Avenue Fonsny-Fonsnylaan for 400m

Turn left; follow Koningslaan-Avenue Du Roi for 10m

Turn left; follow Avenue Fonsny-Fonsnylaan for 600m

Turn right; follow Engelanstraat-Rue d’Angleterre for 350m

Turn left; follow Zuidlaan-Boulevard Du Midi for 15m

Follow R20 for 950m

Follow Avenue De La Toison d’Or for 50m

Follow at the roundabout Place Louise-Louizaplein for 20m

Turn left; follow Avenue De La Toison d’Or-Gulden-Vlieslaan for 650m

Follow R20 for 400m

Follow Kunstlaan-Avenue Des Arts for 100m

Turn right, follow N23 for 750m

Follow Rue Belliard-Belliardstraat for 750m
By Taxi

The taxi stand is at the head-entrance of the station. It takes about 10 minutes from the Station to the EBC.

By Metro (subway)

Most public transport in the Brussels-Capital Region is organized by the STIB (Société des Transports intercommunaux bruxellois).
The network includes metro lines, which connect the eastern and western districts of the city.  Pre-metro lines (trams in the tunnels) complete the metro service. A great number of metro lines also have above ground bus and tram connections.
Timetables: 6 a.m. - midnight - consult the timetables shown at the stops.

More information can be found on:

The metro station “MERODE” is the closest station near the EBC-office at about 10 minutes walk. When you come out of the station, take direction Avenue des Gaulois – Gallierslaan. From there go straight away and take Avenue des Nerviens – Nerviërslaan (about 10min walk).

You reach Nerviërslaan - Avenue des Nerviens 85.

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