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Defense of games, 17th c Villena, Luis Antonio de

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Gataker. Lots. (Defense of games, 17th c.).

Villena, Luis Antonio de. La nave de los muchachos griegos. Novel. Alfaguara, 2003. (Petronius, homosexuality).

Felton. Essay on the Classics. 18th c.?

The Iron Age. Anon., published as Abraham Cowley’s, c. 1650.

Chamisso, Adelbert von. Frauenliebe und –Lebe.

López Cobos, Jesús. (Spanish conductor, b. Tors, Spain. Artistic director of the Spanish National Orchestra, musical director of the Berlin Opera, also led Cincinnati symphoony orchestra, Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne).

Kipling. El libro de las tierras vírgenes. Trans. Ramón D. Perés. 4th pr. Barcelona: Gustavo Gili, 1941.

- - -. El Libro de la Selva. Trans. Ramón D. Perés. Barcelona: Gili, 1944.

Benson. (Roberto Hugo Benson). Alba Triunfante. Trans. Ramón D. Perés. Ill. Guillermo Perés. Barcelona: Gili, 1916.

Jerome, J. K. Las divagaciones de un haragán. Trans. Ramón D. Perés. Barcelona: Gustavo Gili, 1917.

Wells. (Heriberto Jorge Wells). Arturo Bealby. Trans. Ramón D. Perés. Barcelona: Gili, 1919.

Ward (Mrs. Humphry). Desaparecido. Trans. Ramón D. Perés. Barcelona: Gili, 1921.

London, Jack. Colmillo Blanco. Trans. Ramón D. Perés. Barcelona: Gili, 1925.

Stevenson. La flecha negra. Trans. Ramón D. Perés. Barcelona: Montarner y Simón, 1925.

Conrad (José Conrad). Lord Jim. Un tifón. Victoria. 5 vols. Trans. Ramón D. Perés. Barcelona: 1917-1930.

Hawkins, John (Sir). (History of Music), 1770s.

Giddens, Gary. (Jazz critic). Riding on a Blue Note. Oxford, 1981.

- - -. Rhythm-a-ning. Oxford, 1985.


1573 books in list (last updated Thursday, January 23, 2003)

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Langius, Josephus:  Florilegius Magnus seu Polyanthea Floribus Novissimus libri xxiii. Opus praeclarum, suavissimus, celebriorum sententiarum, vel Graecarum vel Latinarum, flosculis ex sacris et profanis auctoribus collectis. Etc Lugundi: J A Huguetan 1681. 2988 cols, folio format, old blindstamped parchment over wooden boards, clasps broken / incomplete, engr vignette on tp, woodcut initials, head & tailpieces, slight marginal waterstain, text clean, many pages. Wear to front hinge and a piece on top of spine torn, a very good copy. Perhaps the most effective shortcut to the learned and literary culture of the Renaissance. An alphabetically ordered repertoire of appopriate quotations, sayings, attributes, etc, collected from the classical authors. The allusive style of Renaissance writing (Montaigne, Burton) is based precisely on such literary machines. It is a unique tool both for the history of writing and for the history of reading PKM 51585  £280 or in Euros € 459.20
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La Boétie Boethius:  Discours de la Servitude Volontaire suivi du Mémoire touchant l'Édit de Janvier 1562 (inédit) et d'une Lettre de M Le Conseiller de Montaigne. Introduction et Notes de Paul Bonnefon. Orné d'un Portrait gravé sur Bois par Ouvré. Paris: Bossard 1922. (Collection des Chefs- D'Oeuvre Méconnus) 214p pb orig paper covers sl torn and detached, notes, nice and clean pages, most pages uncut, frontisp, VG ex lib copy PKM 51094  £14 or in Euros € 22.96
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Mauriac, François:  Blaise Pascal et sa Soeur Jacqueline. Paris: Hachette 1931. (Passé Vivant) 254p half cloth, rebound, sl weak inner hinges, clean pages, VG ex lib copy PKM 51066  £8 or in Euros € 13.12
Brown, Howard:  Elizabethan Schooldays: An Account of the English Grammar Schools in the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century. Oxford: Blackwell 1933. ix 173p cloth dj sl torn, frontisp, index, bibliography, photogr plates, very faint foxing, VG PKM 51060  £18 or in Euros € 29.52
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