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Dangerous demonic vampires!-yes- the satanic thule society

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DANGEROUS DEMONIC VAMPIRES!-YES- THE SATANIC THULE SOCIETY are taking down my truth videos now and all my youtube sites.

I will believe the INTEGRITY of Trinity Marie Marion when I SEE who she aligns with and the END RESULT ACTION. TROY REGAS /hells angels on our team I hope. NO THULE

But I do not know. Time will tell. THE PARTY is in TORONTO KANATA, that I KNOW. ///

BRING your SWORD, cause there are going to be DRONES, VRILL and CLONES infiltrating the PARTY to try and STOP IT. D H //

Vril quotes By Douglas Henson in Donald Marshall-CloneCenter Victim quotes.doc



Stew Webb Exposed Dangerous COINTELPRO for the FBI & Patriot Movement Infiltrator by Pamela Schuffert

Webb then justified this by trying to portray GUNDERSON as "the BAD guy" and Webb as "the GOOD guy" taking his files on behalf of the FBI ( or more realistically,for the CRIMINAL elements of the FBI who did not LIKE Gunderson's exposing of their corruption in his reports!) In fact, Webb bragged to me on the phone, even as he was stealing GUNDERSON'S BOXES OUT OF HIS HOME AND MOVING THEM TO WEBB'S VEHICLE, what a GREAT HAUL THIS WAS!

Unfortunately, I had been previously brainwashed by WEBB'S misinformation and misportrayal of GUNDERSON, and said nothing to GUNDERSON after the theft by WEBB. It was not until several years later that I became INFORMED and caught on to COINTELPRO and WEBB'S ROLE IN IT. THEN I contacted GUNDERSON and told him all about Stew Webb's infamous night of rampage and theft at his home in Law Vegas.

The list of WEBB'S criminal activities continue. WEBB has falsely accused many others at the behest of the FBI, he has even solicited for the murder of innocent people. Strangely, after he stayed with my friends the BRUNNERS in the Denver area, JACK BRUNNER turned up dead under strange circumstances. His wife Cyndra remains traumatized.

Many other writers have investigated and exposed WEBB, and there are several reports on the internet confirming my findings as well. I will continue to publish further findings regarding STEW WEBB and other COINTELPRO agents being paid to deceive the American public. The American people deserve to know the truth, and the innocent victims of corrupt COINTELPRO deserve to be fully vindicated. PAM S // Defending Ted Gunderson: Exposing Stew Webb // // Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA Defending Liberty & God-given Unalienable Individual Rights

jrgenius channel  /    canadastreetnews channel   /   helenwhite666 channel  /  SaultStreetNews channel  / OttawaStreetNews channel  /  SangrailianLIES channel = freedomroad888 channel //

Message to sangrailian aka TREEE EARTH MOTHER to be? NOT!!!! // KALI MAA destroys 666 with 555 at TORONTO OTTAWA T PARTY EARTH // Emmanuel Rozental Klinger, What Role for Canada in the Americas? - 090325


Vril quotes

By Douglas Henson in Donald Marshall-CloneCenter Victim · Edit Doc

*VRIL*: Edited quotes from Donald. I would refer anyone to google search or go back through the archives to find the context in which some of these statements were given if you’re interested, but hopefully this will consolidate some info and Donald can elaborate or expand on any of these points so there can be a good introduction to Vril for people unfamiliar with these creatures. Dates that I managed to get are included. **Document is continuously revised and ongoing.**

--- Physical Appearance


  • They have 2 claws.... like big fingernails... one main big one and a smaller thumb claw.... they couldn’t operate machinery.... ok their mindset... eat sleep sex.... get torturous on a human..... that is all.... [31 May at 17:35]

  • They have 2 claws, one big main one and a smaller thumb claw... they’re just like fingernails just big and thick, they’re diggers so they’re evolved for burrowing. Smart enough to use tools- They're just parasitic prehistoric lizards... all are a foot tall..... they all must be killed....[31 May at 17:35]-

  • They’re 1 foot tall weak and hollow boned, their weaknesses are how weak they are :) there are a bunch deep underground unknown how many in colonies... on surface people hide them as pets and there are a bunch of humans in the world (drones) walking around in human bodies they’ve body-snatched.-

  • Their heads resemble the body of a king crab-

  • Body covered in red scales-

  • Exoskeletal spine, with proboscis on top of spine that can shoot a parasite into a human's eye and into the brain, creating a body-snatched human "drone".-

  • On the discovery channel there is an odd prehistoric looking insect that lays eggs in a body near water... like body of a grasshopper... oddly enough....this small bug controls the grasshoppers brain very basic... makes it jump to the nearest water source to then lay its eggs in the grasshoppers dead body as it kills the grasshopper not by bodily control or muscle, this bug is very small... visible to the naked eye... it controls the grasshoppers brain for i forget how long just to instinctively jump towards nearest water source... grasshopper lands badly too from jumps... like stupid zombie grasshopper [31 May at 12:32]- Their heads slightly resemble the crab people in the K-os video for the song "Crabukkit" ------>     ,    ,    


--- Vril Mouth

  • They're suckers

  • the one tooth is like a blood dart its connected to the spinal vertebrae, pointing outward like a tongue, [but they have] no tongue

  • now to extend the dart, which i can draw, it's like a christmas tree kinda pointy side out

  • they push their head down like we would compress our neck...but when they do it, their one vertebrae [which the "tooth" is connected to] pops out forward and the blood dart shoots out when they bite they like to have claws dug in so they can smack face-first with arm strength...the dart pops out and in and again and again

  • they drink the blood first, and then soft organs, and saw off soft skin stuff with the christmas tree side [of the blood dart] like a saw...little spikes all over it...promotes bleeding

  • This "chupacabra tooth" is like a fingerprint, no two alike.



--- Vril and Music


  • - Vrill love music...and pain causing and screams... -

  • really like music.... they dance to it..... [31 May at 17:35]-

  • they live to hear music- soothes the savage beast- even advancing at me as a horde... to swarm me... if i start singing a new song- they start bobbin their ugly heads buzzin along they get happy and dance start havin sex with each other- till songs over n omg lookout if you stutter or voice cracks- they will swarm you...


--- Vril language, Screams, clicks…


  • - vrill are ancient... survived dinosaur extinction... other things but they couldn’t tell you, they didn’t record their history... dumb things... they scratch stuff on the walls but no written language..... oh they scream too when in distress... calls to others... and it is a scream...sounds like nothing you’ve heard before.-

  • vrill passed the story down with their language of clicks and squeaks. They were there before Atlantis :)-

  • the things are stupid and erratic violent and evil, also being so small they are instinctively cowards alone... they attack in groups... they can communicate with a language of clicks and whistles, they have built in sonar for clicking in total darkness underground... they used the mindcomputer stuff on them to see what sonar visually looks like to them and they saw it,... its a kind of pretty bluish view ... they used this view to make a recreated view with computer graphic its how daredevils (Ben Affleck) saw when he looked at Elektra in the rain.... nearly exact... 31 May at 12:32-

  • Yeah those disgusting things bit me a bunch of times Ive picked em up... now lizards didn't evolve so good intelligence wise they are so dumb... can say some words like talking after breathing helium, sound like that....  1 June at 18:52 


--- Vril Sexuality


  • - they're A sexual....its comical.... they make trains of group sex... its horrifying to behold... 30 front to back [31 May at 13:51]-

  • they’re a-sexual, all the same gender.... both male and female sex organs.... their asses double as vaginas.... and they make trains... they put this in a psi factor show... where a guy was trapped with them... and underground with them.... only they were bigger.... they formed a chain at the end of the program and did their thing and the guy screamed..


--- Vril Religion

  • Azazel.... this is the name of the reptilian god from an ancient religion called Gerber.... the vrill used to worship.- and now they worship me :( - as a living god- they cant wait for me to die- they want to eat me daily- multiple times daily once im dead-

  • There's a few religions that worship them as demons from hell here to help humans in the name of the devil.... been hiding them secret for centuries... till now - 31 May at 15:28


---Donald fighting the Vril, Their poison bite, Black Eyed Peas reference to Vril


  • - to be eaten alive by one or more of these things as a clone or in real life is worse than being burned to death which is one of the worst things itself... they have a necrotic bite that paralyses after about 5 seconds,... less if they swarm you which they do because they're only a foot tall. Elizabeth has sicked them on me many times but I kill many before they get me... as a kid i was terrified... then i figured why not... so I started stomping the shit out of them... dancing around in the dirt stomping... they restrained me after that if they had them bite me... its why i put the line in the BLACK EYED PEAS song let the beat rock??? um sez beats so big um steppin on leprechauns y'all gettin down with the boom boom.... half the celebs loved it because they're terrified of vrill... [30 May at 22:07 ]

  • - oh so the one i had picked up I grabbed its legs and smashed its upper half off the edge of the hockey-boards....obliterating it.... Elizabeth had me bit for that ...1 June at 20:36  

  • - I have to tell you about these grotesque hideous things as it is very possible that I may have an aneurysm or after i wake up a little while... I stomped a bunch and they got mad that I killed too many of em... gotta tell people :) 1 June at 18:15  

  • - I had physical wars... their saliva is one of the most painful substances to living things in the world... 2 June at 10:01

--- What do the Vrill eat?

  • -  people... occasionally because the vrill thing gets mad... like a druggie needs humanbevery once in while... real too...1 June at 20:47  

  • - its going to sound like im scaring you.... with this but Im not.... you must know this... the Vrill prefer... to eat children, said they taste better... same difference from eating a large old lobster and a smaller younger lobster... some say smaller younger lobsters taste better... also some say female lobsters are better than male... the popes sex slaves that no one can believe about..... theyre used as sex slaves.... then thrown into the pit to be eaten by Vrill... while others watch.... im sorry to just say so plainly... 2 June at 10:11  

  • -  kidnap children to feed the things... also feed them live victims because as someone else said to me and surprised me they knew... they frighten their prey first...for the adrenaline surge, it makes human blood and tissuez taste better to vrill 2 June at 12:21 

--- Human Fear of The Vril


  • - humans have an automatic instinctual fear of them.... just like looking at spiders and scorpions... humans somehow instinctively fear stuff like that. And with Vrill its times two... and they look so evil ugly... its incredible.... you'll understand what I mean when they're bein hunted :) Theyll be on tv- ive seen this reaction when Vrill are exposed to the highest level scientologists that pay for the highest level of knowledge, even when they regret becoming a scientologist at this point they know they must follow or they will die... possibly eaten by aliens potentially through cloning over and over... its a trap... to make you unquestionably loyal.... [31 May at 13:12]-

  • Britney Spears can't even look at them when shes a clone lmao... flips... its like the instinctual fear when humans look at a big spider or scorpion, you know somehow that thing can possibly kill you... but its like double spider scorpion at the same time... they eat people.. animals... total carnivores... can eat some fruit but veggies make em sick... they get tired of eating clones its not as good to them.... and they like it when humans scream n then don't scream anymore [31 May at 11:42]


--- Maria Orsic – VRIL Society, claims they escaped to Aldebaran using ufos they made from instructions apparently channeled by Maria Orsic via humanoids from Aldebaran


  • - no... some true some is bs they’ve spread.... right about rockefellers hiding them... roths[childs] too.... no space travel though these things can make a sandwich but no... Saucers? Lol


--- Comparison to Mythical Creatures


  • - Chupacabra is another name for vrill... I didn't want to say chupacabra because it sounds dumb... but yeah... leprechaun demon mag yoi troll pixie fairy fey folk gremlin, doppelganger mimic... but their name has always been Vrill from their earliest records which are scratches on the wall- gremlins is another name of theirs... next, the shapeshifting refers to the transition from Vrill to human drone..... truthers say this [shapeshifting] as a hint so they don’t have a remote aneurysm like Tila [Tequila] had... they could have killed her... allowed her to live... the truthers don’t like vrill but are afraid.... they add their hints in [and] hope someone will talk and save them someday.... and that day is now- they’re not demons not dark ones they’re stupid lizards they use to bodysnatch people... they don't come in spirit form they come at people when clones... in rem... its science and technology... not mystical spiritual... [31 May at 16:55]-

  • they’re not magic or demonic unholy power, they’re simply parasitic lizards... a really smart bipedal iguana... waaay uglier than an iguana though.... ugliest animal on earth [31 May at 17:02]

  • - they're not demons... its a metaphor... they're prehistoric parasitic lizards from underground... dumb... that's all.... amazing intelligence for an animal... but no emotions... evil... born evil... its just an animal, 31 May at 15:30

  • - an animal which must be rendered extinct, 31 May at 15:32

--- How the Vril would infiltrate homes and lay eggs to parasite humans

  • -  i had one picked up once... and it was trying to look cute but this thing is a human killing bodysnatching the cute act did not work... it was literally stumbling around clasping its claws behind its back like Marylin Munroe at a photoshoot.... they do this instinctively to infiltrate...then when in and kept safe as an unknown thing wow this thingvis smart some ugly though.. ugly scaled monkey toy!!! then the Vrill once infiltrated releases reproductive fluids by choice... stored stuff... and faster than you think secretly without the owners knowing like an evil alf... which it is... just a terrestrial alien tho... So lays a clutch its called of 3 eggs... they hatch in secret then someone is taken over by the parent...n he supposedly is ill.... this happened many times in the past... people thinking they had an angel demon or leprechaun... or troll... some of the old fables about trolls are about these guys and are true... you think they are made up bedtime stories but nope legends passed down to warn against the danger of trolls... mag yoi in china means underground troll. 1 June at 19:58


--- Vril and Norse Kings


  • - Both had Vrill…trolls to Viking- Parasitic to some human priests- They mined gemstones for Vikings and the Danish kings…why the Danes were so wealthy back then

  • - they told me they knew the danish kings and in return for bringing the king the amethyst from a massive underground geode, the king *so they said* would give the "Trolls" [they called them] dogs chickens and children... for eating. not trying to scare... 1 June at 18:52 


---Caverns, Worshiped as Gods, Rewritten into History by Drones


  • - deep in earth are tunnels and huge caverns... too much pressure that deep for humans to survive.. vrill dont need as much oxygen and are aquatic too... stay under a long time... they're worshiped secretly by certain religions that I'll reveal later... they're worshiped now because for hundreds of years in one case 1000s of years they were thought to be demons... angels... gods from stars... now they got written into secret pages of some older religions by idiotic people and drones they took over and mimicked, they were protected as a religious devotion... they say God made them for a reason and everything happens for a reason... and when I get them extincted... that will be happening for a reason too :)


--- What Killed dinosaurs?


  • -Meteor they've said to me... but vrill survived this cataclysm being so far underground....


--- Erased message about Vril eating children - Recorded and watched on TV monitors at the cloning facility in the arena.


  • - [PARAPHRASED FROM A DELETED MESSAGE] They have giant tv monitors at the clonezones, they watch children being dropped by rope into a cylindrical hole in the ground, with a 1ft door at the bottom. The child thinks its friends are playing a trick on them, and then someone opens the tiny door and Vrill begin to very slowly walk out as if to maximize terror in the confused child. They begin shaking and trembling, trying to befriend the Vril out of fear by saying how cute they are, but they are killed and eaten while everyone at the cloning center watch on large tv monitors which also record the event.

--- Vril as pets for the elite

  • - they're kept secret, some world leaders grew up with them, they made the sitcom "Alf" about them, some have a hole in their basement walls and give these things animals and in some cases humans... they're kept ultra secret, Elizabeth's pet is named Matilda... its bigger than average and old...they're smart. not nearly as smart as a human but can say some English words and have their own language of clicks n pops n gurgles built in sonar and everything... secret room recently made public tell all about these things, and there's even more... gotta kill these things off, and gas internal earth on a global scale...


--- Machines That Can Hunt Them Down


  • - they're small though... and tunnels underground only a foot around... each country will mass produce a killing robot... MASS PRODUCE like a rolling killing thing.... mini flashbang grenades they're blinded by bright light... they have built in sonar the robots will train on the clicking they click... then just send em in.... there's millions of these things down there....- above ground it wont take much to track them down... they stink like something rotten and people will give them up to save themselves... for the many underground, a gas or virus toxic to lizards will be made and mass produced so we can internally gas the planet internally.... I can imagine it will be a worldwide collaboration.


--- Vril In Dungeons N' Dragons


  • - they modeled the body of vrill off a hook horror in dnd... the rich guy gary gygax that invented dnd did that and put their name in the game... he attended cloning centers too...dead now though...- made hook horrors have a different head though cuz theyre uglier than anything in dnd... also added muscle to the hook horrors body... Vrill are skinny and breakable... hollow bones- yup... the power is the takeover [how they swarm a single person]


--- Elites turning the Vril in to save themselves


  • - the rich are giving them up... to save themselves.... problem the good people there as clones that pass out if you make them look at Vrill too close, and the incredibly evil people that like Vrill more than humans and have helped them become drones. These two different types of humans want to claim they were ALL only complicit because of fear.... they all want to survive after turning in the lizards...- people like Elizabeth and Charles and Vladimir don’t want to get lynched.... no vrill have their claw on a nuke button... their handlers one is gonna push the button.... they want a way to ensure their own survival.... they will give up the Vrill with pleas for mercy for themselves... leniency... they will help make them extinct... I can imagine no mercy will be tolerated for the vrill society leadership, but that is to be expected and is not my problem,... shut down cloning centers eradicate Vrill and punish and replace ringleaders... this key to ensure the survival of the earth [31 May at 13:44]-

  • if the vrill society get found out helping another species helping control humans the vrill society would be known as people that betrayed the human race to an alien being... they would be executed or worse lynched in the street... so they really try to cover all the bases… [31 May at 12:41]

  • -   people scared now... its ok... the nwo want to destroy them now... to save themselves... its all but over... this is why they gave tila supposed permission to join me without getting killed... theyre gonna give up with the first angry crowd and point the way... to save themselves...from the populace... seriously...31 May at 15:24

  • -  no need to be scared... no reprisals coming.... they have capitulated... that means surrendered basically.... unconditionally but will beg for theyre lives and leniency. Dont get stressed out in fear.... there is no need to... its as good as done... I need to raise an angry mob... to confront harper or elizabeth... Harper will fold easily... he is terrified. 31 May at 15:26

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