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Curriculum vitae kollu Vara Lakshmi

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Kollu Vara Lakshmi

E-mail :

Phone: +91 9441753879

Career Objective:
To strive for growth-in terms of value addition, knowledge &learning, thereby. Seeking a challenging to utilize my skills and abilities in information technology industry that offers professional growth.

Educational Profile:

  • M.Tech (ES) from Sri Vasavi Engineering College (Affiliated to JNTU), Tadepalligudem with an aggregate of 80% in 2011.

  • B.Tech (EEE) from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology (JNTU Hyderabad) with 67.5% in 2007.

  • Intermediate from Sri Chaitanya Junior Kalasala with an aggregate of 85.1%.

  • S.S C from Sri Sai Ram Model School, Hyderabad with 78% in 2001..

Academic Project:
Project Title : ”Load Sharing Power Supply”

Team size :3 members
To share the power equally between any two power modules required by the load it is necessary that the power outputs of each module should be equal to each other in terms of their output parameters.To implement this effect control of their output power with respect to each others output power and the reference voltage is necessary.

In this project Load Sharing Power Supply paralleling is done between two power supplies i.e.. SMPS and SPV using Microcontrollers.


  • Flexibility to work with the team.

  • Leadership qualities, Positive attitude.

  • Adaptable for any environment.

Personal Profile:
Full Name : K.Vara Lakshmi

Father’s name : K.V.Bhaskara Rao

Date of Birth : 01-03-1986

Nationality : Indian

Marital Status : Married

Address : Plot No.5-2/58/1, Phase-3,


R.R dist, Hyderabad-49.


Place: Hyderabad. Signature: K.Varalakshmi

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