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Curriculum Vitae


Mob: (917) 331-2773


Member: AEA, IADMS

Performance Experience

American Tap Masterpieces Jazz Tap Ensemble, Joyce Theatre NYC-Ginger Rogers, Eleanor Powell

Jazz Tap Ensemble Los Angeles Tour –Featured Dancer

The Vagina Monologues National V-Day Celebration –The Woman Who Liked to make V’s Happy

The Fallen T-Schreiber Studio Theater

Classical Doodles Bruka Theater –commissioned one woman show

The Unicorn Gorgon and Manticore Nevada Opera -Countess

Romeo and Juliet Sierra Nevada Ballet-Juliet

The Dying Swan Sierra Nevada Ballet -Swan

Too Darn Hot Sierra Nevada Ballet -Lead principal with Domingo Rubio

Allegro Agitato Sierra Nevada Ballet - Lead Principal

Gershwin Prelude Sierra Nevada Ballet -pas de deux with Domingo Rubio

Hamlet Nevada Shakespeare Company –Ophelia, Horatio

Richard III Nevada Shakespeare Co. –Lady Anne, Duchess of York

As You Like It Shakespeare and Co. Winter Intensive final project -Rosiland

The Seagull Moscow Art Theatre School -Arkadina

The Last Dance (film) Sacha Goldberger dir. -NYU

Duke Ellington Jazz Nutcracker The Reno Jazz Orchestra –Sugar Rum Cherry

Outlet Dance Project Solo Piece for Seward Johnson sculpture ‘God Bless America’

Summer Time Sierra Nevada Ballet - duet with Sam Weber

Back Street Tap duet with Sam Weber

Ronen Sierra Nevada Ballet – Russian character solo

A Painter’s Love Story Sierra Nevada Ballet -lead Principal, Lydia Parrish

Crave by Sarah Kane, Columbia University -A

Homewrecker by Kelly Stuart, Columbia University

Oresteia Euripides, Columbia University –Clytemnestra

Medea Sophocles, Columbia University-Medea

Blue Rondo A La Turk Tap duet with Sam Weber

Les Sylphides Sierra Nevada Ballet - Lead Principal

The Trojan Women San Francisco State University – ‘Andromache’

Daisy in the Dreamtime San Francisco State University – ‘Daisy’

New York, New York Fascinating Rhythm Productions – Featured Dancer

Paul’s Case by Willa Cather, San Francisco State University – ‘’Paul’

People of Paris Fascinating Rhythm Productions – Featured Dancer

Shakespeare Salad San Francisco State University- Actor, Writer, Co-Director

Richard III (Film) David Hunt - British American Drama Academy – ‘Lady Anne’

Tap Concerto Morton Gould with Sam Weber, The Peninsula Symphony Orchestra – Tap Soloist

Tap Concerto Morton Gould with Sam Weber, The San Jose Symphony Orchestra ­– Tap Soloist

Scheherazade The Reno Ballet-featured soloist

Take Me to the River The Reno Ballet –soloist

Orbit of the Seasons The Reno Ballet-corps de ballets

Walking on Broken Glass Perspective Dance Theatre –corps de ballets

Fools by Neil Simon, San Mateo Performing Arts Center – ‘Lenya’

Nine San Mateo Performing Arts Center -Luisa

Arsenic and Old Lace San Mateo Performing Arts Center— ‘Dr. Einstein’

Damn Yankees San Mateo Performing Arts Center– ‘Lola’

A Midsummer Night’s Dream San Mateo Performing Arts Center – Helena

Tap Concerto Morton Gould with Sam Weber, The Livermore Philharmonic -Tap Soloist

Dave Brubeck Medley with Sam Weber, The Peninsula Symphony Orchestra – Tap Soloist

Dave Brubeck Medley with Sam Weber, The San Jose Symphony Orchestra –Tap Soloist


Dance Retailer News Expo, - Las Vegas, Les Sylphides –Guest Principal Dancer

Harrah’s Hotels and Casinos - Guest Artist

Hornblower Yachts - Guest Artist

Fairmont Hotels - Featured Performer

San Francisco Spirit Cruises - Guest Artist

Visa Corporation International Convention - Featured Performer

Arts All Ways - Conference Las Vegas, Nevada Arts Council, (2 Woman Show)

World Wide Web Convention - Featured Dancer

Miki Corporation International Convention - Featured Performer

Sun Microsystems - Guest Artist

Teaching Experience

Marymount Manhattan College -adjunct professor, ballet tap, jazz

Dance Theater of Harlem -teaching artist Dancing Through Barriers Curriculum

Sierra Summer Intensive with Mariana Tcherkassky -Character

Sierra Nevada Ballet -Artistry/Acting for Dancers

Ballet Academy of Sacramento -Classical ballet, pointe, character

Louisiana Delta Ballet -Classical ballet, pointe, variations

Dance Alliance Roosevelt Island -Jazz, ballet

In Motion Studio of Dance -Classical Ballet, pointe, character

Westchester Conservatory of Ballet -All levels ballet

Western Nevada Performing Arts Center -Classical Ballet

San Mateo Gymnastics Group -Ballet technique combined with functional exercise as injury prevention, alignment, and flexibility training for Olympic gymnasts. Levels 5-10 and Elite.

Peninsula Ballet Theatre School -Classical Ballet: Elementary Levels 1-5, Intermediate, Advanced, Pointe, Character, ‘Body Reshaping’ (Mensendiek)

Dance Masters of America - Ballet

Dance Educators of America - Ballet, character

Bob Macke Studios - Classical Ballet: Elementary Levels 3-4

Brewery Arts Center - Improvisation workshop

Dance Attack’ Mountain View - Classical Ballet: Elementary Levels 1-3

Dance Attack’ Los Gatos - Classical Ballet: Intermediate

Charlotte Klein Dance Academy - Tap, ballet

Myoong Moon Institute - English as a second language, Essay writing

Carlmont High School - Understanding Shakespeare (tutoring)

Kaplan -SAT prep course - Private lessons, choreography, and coaching
Writing/Directing/Coaching Experience

George’s Turn –the ballad of a song and dance Man” - Starring George Marcy -director

“Ballet By the River” - Sierra Nevada Ballet -director

An Evening of Gershwin- starring violinist Janice Martin - Director/choreographer

Paging Mr. Stair”, - Sierra Nevada Ballet-Coaching

Without Breaking’, San Francisco State University - Author, Staging

Shakespeare Salad’, San Francisco State University - Writer, Co-Director

Choreographic Experience

The Grand Tour” –The York Theatre, NYC

Kleinkunst” –National Yiddish Theatre

Love!” –Marymount at the York Theatre

Hungarian Suite” –Sierra Nevada Ballet

Take Me Along’ -The York Theatre, NYC

Sweet Bye and Bye” -The York Theatre, NYC

We Sing.” -Marymount Manhattan College

Summertime” - Sierra Nevada Ballet

Ronen” -Sierra Nevada Ballet

Armando’s Rumba -Sierra Nevada Ballet

Classical Doodles -Bruka Theater

Set Crew and Costume Experience

Nevada Shakespeare Company –ASM “Richard III”, “Hamlet”

Columbia University –“The House of Bernarda Alba”- set crew

Assisted in costume/set design -S.F. State University

Goddard College MFA –Interdisciplinary Arts

Columbia University MFA Program -Theater

San Francisco State University - Graduated Magna cum Laude 2003 - (Russian Language/Literature, Theatre Arts)

(received acting scholarship in 2002)

Shakespeare and Co. -Winter intensive

Moscow Art Theatre School –Summer Intensive at Harvard

Rossika Language Institute St. Petersburg Russia –Contemporary Russian Literature

Hydro-Meteorological University, St. Petersburg Russia –Russian Grammar and Composition

Balliol College at Oxford University, British American Drama Academy’s Midsummer in Oxford Shakespeare

Intensive group

College of San Mateo –Human Anatomy and Cadaver Dissection, Biology

American Conservatory Theatre -Youth Conservatory

San Mateo High School (Performing Arts) - 4 Awards in Drama, Silver Medal National Latin Exam


Acting; Voice; Linklater Voice Technique; Classical Ballet; Pointes; Pas de Deux; Character; Mime; Flamenco; Jazz; Tap; Singing; Argentine Tango; Modern Dance; Ballroom; Stage Combat; Dance History; Kinesiology; Mensendieck Method of Functional Exercise; Alexander Technique; Creative Movement education;


British, cockney, Irish, Scottish, Russian, Puerto Rican, German, French, Italian, East Coast US (various), Southern US (various), Mid-West US, California “Valley Girl”, and others


Carol Channing, Yvonne Adair, Ethel Merman, Peggy Lee, Gwen Verdon, Cher, Hershel Bernardi, and others


English, Russian, French (conversational)


Acting : Kristin Linklater, Tina Packer, Kevin Coleman; Dennis Krausnick; Dave Demke; Andrei Serban, Niky Wolcz, Larry Singer, Andrea Haring; Estelle Kohler, Joyce Henderson, David Hunt, Alice Spivak, William Peters, Camille Howard, Ronnie Washington.

Voice: Kristin Linklater, Andrea Haring, Elena McGee, Dave Demke, Milton Williams.

Ballet: Anne Bena, Rosine Bena, David Howard, Alonzo King, Peter Schabel, Dorit Koppel, Jack Hertzog, Greg Zane, Simon Dow, Laura Connor, Summer Lee Ratighan, Arturo Fernandez, and others.

Mime: Rosine Bena, Joyce Henderson.

Stage Combat: Steven White.

Jazz: Luigi, Francis Roach, Berle Davis, Sam Weber.

Tap: Sam Weber, Berle Davis.

Character: Anne Bena, Rosa Laysaya.

Flamenco: Adela Clara, Miguel Santos.

Ballroom (Swing, Salsa, Tango etc): Anne Bena, Adrian Bermudez.

Argentine Tango: Beatrice Cisneros, Santiago Steele, Nito and Alba, Paul Pellicoro.

Kinesiology; Mensendieck Method of Functional Exercise: Michael Keropian, Rosine Bena.

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