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Consul Johannes Fogh-Nielsen’s and Mrs Ella Fogh-Nielsen’s Legacy

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6 September 2013

Consul Johannes Fogh-Nielsen’s and Mrs Ella Fogh-Nielsen’s Legacy

In January 2014, the Consul Johannes Fogh-Nielsen’s and Mrs Ella Fogh-Nielsen’s Legacy will award DKK 100,000 for the continuation of excellent research efforts by PhD students enrolled at Health, Aarhus University. The grant will be awarded in connection with the annual PhD Day on 24 January 2014.

The grant is awarded for research purposes and is intended to support projects implementing new studies based on published research results achieved during the PhD studies.
The grant can only be applied for once, and is available to PhD students in the final stage of their PhD studies, i.e. students who expect to submit their dissertation by 31 December 2014 at the latest. A prerequisite for applying is that the applicant participates in PhD Day on 24 January 2014, and is enrolled as a PhD student at Health on the date of application (enrolment terminates on submission of the dissertation).
Three candidates are selected on the basis of the applications, and they must present their projects in the form of a lecture on PhD Day. This means they do not take part with a poster, an oral presentation or as a chairman. Ten minutes are allocated for the presentation in English, followed by five minutes for questions. An appraisal of the presentation is included in the overall assessment. The grant is expected to be divided into three parts and awarded on the basis of the final assessment, which will be announced during the gala dinner on PhD Day.
The application form is available at and can also be requested by contacting the Graduate School of Health.
The application form must be used for applying for the grant. Applications must be submitted to the foundation no later than Monday 14 October 2013 at 12:00 and sent as a combined attached file to the Graduate School of Health: Please state ‘Fogh-Nielsen’s Legacy’ in the subject field. Alternatively, the application can be submitted in two copies to the Graduate School of Health, Katrinebjergvej 89F, 8200 Aarhus N.
For any questions, please contact Emil Toft Brøndum at +45 2256 9052, e-mail

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