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Congratulations, you have won a girlfriend party pack for you and up to 10 girlfriends!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS, you have won a GIRLFRIEND PARTY PACK for you and up to 10 girlfriends!!!

Mary Kay has recently added a new feature to my website, the Beaute-vite™ Online Party Planner. It is the best of the hostess program plus online flexibility. It’s a whole new way of scheduling parties. With the new Beaute-vite™ Online Party Planner, you are able to plan your Mary Kay party completely online. You are one of 10 customers that I’ve selected to test this new feature.

Let me tell you what you have won:

  • The adorable floral cosmetic/skin care & spa bags. Visit my website site to see them. I love them! You will receive these bags as a BONUS for having 6 or more Girlfriends at your Party and yes..there is more:


Because you are the HONORED RECIPIENT of this gift:

I will select TWO GUESTS from your GIRLFRIEND PARTY to receive this same GIRLFRIEND PARTY PACK!!

All you have to do is CALL ME OR EMAIL ME by July 28 TO SET A DATE TO HAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND PARTY .... Get your guest list together...and WALLLLA...I take care of the rest!!!

I LOVE to SPOIL you and your guests with extra TLC!

Be sure to visit my personal website

FOR all the latest in BEAUTY NEWS!

I look forward to celebrating YOU with your GIRLFRIEND PARTY PACK!!

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