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Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was born on 18. december 1980 in New York. When she was a little girl she was singing a lot, and then she decided to be a singer.

Today Christina is one of the most popular popstar in the world. She is idol for many teenagers around the world. When Christina was twenty years old, she find out that great voice is not enough for very good carier. She started surprising us. Few months ago in public Chrisina was wearing realy very short and sexy t-shirt with inscription I LOVE PLAYBOY.

Reporters today writing a lot aboud Christina's body. One year ago Christina's body was sexy and perfect, but today is Christina owerveight.

She has got big stomack, strong and fat arms and legs.

Christina Aguilera is not only a singer and big lover of food, she love piercings, becouse the girl has eleven piercings, but we can see just some of it. We can see piercing in her nose, chin and in her belly button. Actualy, i know for one piercing on her body, becouse i saw it on the picture, but i think it is not good that i tell you where, but you can ask me this after the lesson.

Christina revealded four albums till today. Her first albun was called Christina Aguilera ond on it was her super hit Genie in the bottle. Her next two albums with titles My kind of Christmas and Mi Reflejo (latin cd) didn't get big attention. Christina's last album Stripped is her the best. On thic cd are realy very good songs, wich are represting on whole world. Titles of those songs are: Dirrty, Beautiful, Fighter, Can't hold us down (with singer lil'kim) and The voice within.

A lot was talking aboud Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears and aboud their hate. In one interview Chrisina said: »That is not true! We are very good friends all the time, I love her and she love me. I tell you again, she is my very goor friend and we have great time when we are together.« And than ask yourself what was doing badge with inscription I'VE FUCKED BRITNEY SPEARS on her jacket.

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