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Chelsea Area Garden Club Programs Jan through Aug 2010 Prepared by Charlene Harris, Program Chair

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Chelsea Area Garden Club - Programs - Jan through Aug 2010

Prepared by Charlene Harris, Program Chair

Jan 11th - China, Summer 2007 - Trinh Pifer is the owner of the Garden Mill in Chelsea. She left her position as the Executive Director for Arbor Research, a non-profit public health research organization in Ann Arbor, to establish the Garden Mill in 2005. She graduated from the U of M with a Masters degree in Public Health and a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Chelsea Center for the Arts and is actively involved in the downtown Chelsea business community. As a resident and business owner in Chelsea, Trinh volunteers her time and provides financial sponsorship for many community programs, the local school district, and non-profit organizations.

Feb 8th - Japanese Iris - John Coble and his partner Bob Bauer, started their mail-order iris business in 1985 with a mimeographed price sheet. They started specializing in Japanese iris, Iris ensata, thus the garden’s name, Ensata Gardens. They soon added Siberian iris and by the early 1990s the nursery became their full time" day job". Their previous stained glass business (Bauer-Coble Studios started in 1972) became a "winter only" business. Around 2002 they added Hostas and Daylilies to their color catalog.

John has a Masters degree in wildlife biology and Bob has a PhD in inorganic chemistry. They have been self-employed since finishing college at Purdue. Their former glasswork business appears in the "who we are" section of their catalog, available online at You may wish to check it out for questions.

Feb 11th - Chelsea Library- 7 PM - Antique Gardens, American Home Landscape 1800-1940 Old

Speaker Scott Kunz is the owner Old House Gardens in Ann Arbor – Registration Required

Mar 8th - Hidden Gardens in Washtenaw County Parks - Kathy Squiers’ presentation will focus on the flowering plants in the Washtenaw County Park Gardens. For the last 10 years, Kathy has coordinated seasonal and master gardeners who help maintain the county parks’ gardens at Farm Park, Parker Mill, Sharon Mills, Rolling Hills, Independence Lake and Pierce lake Golf Course in Chelsea. Prior to her job with the County Park System she worked as a landscape designer for Plymouth Nursery. To learn more about our park systems go to

Kathy is a horticulturist with over 25 years gardening experience and says gardening is in her blood. Her ancestor Paul Saunier, a journeyman gardener, accompanied plant explorers to the U.S. in the early 1800’s. She has degrees in Landscape & Design from the U of M and in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Colorado.

April 12th - Gardening in the Shade - Ralph Heiden - More and more landscapes are becoming dominated by large trees and the shade they cast. This does not mean the end of flower gardening however, for there are many beautiful plants that perform well in the shade. This program will cover the basic challenges and opportunities for creating wonderful gardens in shaded landscapes. Featured will be the “Queen of the Shade,” the hosta, and all the plants used to complement them. Bulbs, woodland plants and other shade tolerant species will also be presented in this PowerPoint presentation.

Ralph is an avid hosta hobbyist from Okemos, Michigan. To support his gardening habit, he works for Michigan State University Extension as the Jackson County Horticulture Educator.

May 10th Garden Cleanup CAGA members

May 15th Plant Sale CAGA members

Jun- TBD Ensata Gardens Visit, Galesburg MI (day trip - carpool for those interested)

Followed by lunch at Win Schuler’s in Marshall

July 17th Garden Walk CAGA members

Picnic TBD CAGA members June or July picnic at Nancy & Doug Cooper’s

Aug TBD Tour for those interested - Matt Heumann and his wife Mary own and manage the 40 acre "Braeburn Gardens and Marsh Preserve" in Sylvan Township. Matt’s lecture presentation is Nov 8, 2010.

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