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Checklist for Forum member presentations on heca activity in their area

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London HECA Forum

Checklist for Forum member presentations on HECA activity in their area

As a contribution to the sharing of best practice across the Forum, the London HECA Forum Committee has decided to add member presentations on HECA activities in their area as a regular agenda item at Forum meetings. If you would like to deliver a presentation at a future Forum meeting, please contact Sarah Hitchcock at GLEEN.

In order to aid consistency and facilitate comparison across member authorities, we would be grateful if members’ presentations could attempt to address the following points, in no particular order:

  1. Authority overview.

  1. How is your authority internally organised to deliver HECA?

  1. Describe the extent of corporate, member and senior officer commitment to HECA?

  1. Is HECA integrated with other corporate strategies/initiatives? (if so, which ones?)

  1. What revenue budget(s) do you have for delivering on HECA initiatives?

  1. What are the priorities within your HECA strategy (e.g. fuel rich, fuel poor, renewables, etc)?

  1. What mechanisms do you have in place for advice, education, information and promotion?

  1. Which delivery schemes are running in your authority?

  1. How much external funding have you levered in?

  1. What external partners do you work with?

  1. How do you monitor HECA progress?

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your HECA strategy?

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