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Summary of Qualifications

  • 6 years of relevant Industry Experience in SAP HANA, SAP BODS, Hadoop, SAP BI 7.X,Oracle DB

  • Working knowledge of reporting tools like SAP Design Studio, SAP UI5, SAP BO WebI

  • 3 SAP HANA real time Implementation experience – Designing, Implementation and Support.

  • 2 SAP BODS and 1 SAP BI and Implementation experience.

  • Experience in the areas of Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Analysis & EDW in domains like Pharmaceuticals, Contact Center/Telecommunications, Telematics/Connected Car, Connected Plant/Industry 4.0, Internet of Things

  • Participated in SAP Demo jam, SAP D-code, SAP Teched and SAP HANA SP7 Product Evaluation Feedback Workshop.

  • Worked Closely with SAP Co-Innovation Lab (SAP COIL), SAP Partner Edge Program, facilitated HANA Product Certification from SAP AG.

Technical Skills

  • SAP HANA – Modeling, SQL Script, PL/SQL

  • HANA Hadoop Integration-Smart Data Access


  • Oracle DB, Toad for Oracle

  • SAP BO Data Services - BODS

  • Hadoop Fundamentals - HIVE

  • BO XI R3, Design Studio, SAP UI5

  • DB Performance Tuning

Consulting Skills

  • Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

  • Project Planning, Blueprinting, Directing and Reporting

  • Client Interaction – Build, develop and maintain Client Relationships

Professional Expérience #1



Hinduja Technologies Limited (formerly Defiance Technologies)



From Date: May – 2013

To Date: Till Date

Worked as


HANA - Technical Architect/Team Lead

Client 1


Client 2



Client 3









Reliance Industries Limited - Global conglomerate in Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Retail, etc.

Implementation (Since July 2014 to Till Date)

  • Leading the team of developers to convert BW Extractors and DSO’s logic to HANA View for real time reporting to help new business of RIL – Jio 4G Telecom Business.

  • The core of this project is to depict the SAP BW process by replicating the entire ECC tables into HANA through SLT and build HANA views and BO reports, thus eliminating BW from landscape – Extended HANA Live version custom built for Reliance Industries Limited.

  • Created SQL Script Calculation Views and Procedures to model complex business logics of SAP Standard Data Sources and Z Data Sources.

  • Worked on Scenarios to optimize HANA procedures to provide results at much faster time frames.

Ashok Leyland - leading global OEM of Heavy Equipment, Commercial Trucks & Passenger Buses

Implementation & Support (Since Jan 2014 to Jun 2014)

  • Telematics Solution developed leverages SAP HANA platform to analyze data from vehicles in real time for increasing overall efficiency of fleets & help OEM to improve product development. It provides aggregated & detailed information for multiple Telematics stake holders like OEMs, Insurance, Fleet Management, Channel Partners/Dealers and Government & Regulatory Bodies.

  • Playing the role of HANA Solution Architect/Team Lead and managing a team of 4 developers.

  • Involved in full life cycle implementation concept ideation, requirements gathering, data modeling, mockups creation & development.

  • Created HANA modeling scenarios – creation of schemas, tables – columns/row, SQL Script Procedures, Loading data into table, developed Attribute Views, Analytical Views and Calculation views Graphical and SQL Script – CE Functions based views for report requirements

  • Used BODS to Provision data from 12 varied data sources like Fleet Information, driver details, vehicle maintenance, vehicle parts, engine, chassis details, trip/route details etc.

Hinduja Global Solution - Global Contact Center Support for companies like SONY, Airtel, etc.

Implementation & Support (Since May 2013 to Dec 2013)

  • Involved in full life cycle implementation, which includes Analysis, Requirements gathering, Development, and Reporting and Testing process.

  • Played role of HANA Solution Architect/Team Lead and managed a team of 4 developers. The application developed has been certified by SAP AG.

  • Designed the Data Model, Data Provisioning through BODS and Hi Fidelity Wireframe models for UI5 Report and Design Studio Reports.

  • Created HANA modeling scenarios and activities such as setting up HANA environment – adding a system, creating schemas and creation of USERs and ROLES, etc.

  • Developed HANA Column based tables and SQL Script Procedures, Loading data into table definitions, suspending data loads, resuming data loads.

  • Expert in creation of Attribute Views, Analytical Views and Calculation views Graphical and SQL Script – CE Functions and Stored Procedures.

  • Migrated the SMARTANA delivery units & data from SAP COIL to Amazon AWS

Professional Expérience #2



Logica Services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore - India



From Date: October – 2011

To Date: May 2013

Worked as


Senior Business Consultant

Client 1


Serco (by Genpact)

Client 2


Momentive (by Genpact)








Implementation & Support (Since June 2012 to May 2013)

  • Involved in installing of BI content Objects Info Cube, DSO and Info Objects.

  • Extensively involved in creating of Transformation and Data Transfer Process for the Data Loads.

  • Involved in building of Data targets like DSO, Info cube and Info objects.

  • Loaded the data from R/3 to BI system using Initialization with delta update and full update method.

  • Scheduled Info Packages in order to load Master Data and Transactional Data from SAP R/3 as well as Flat File Source Systems into PSA level in BI system

  • Involve in Enhancing BI Objects according to the user requirement

  • Load Monitoring and Solving tickets as per SLAs

A leading global force in the specialty Chemicals and Materials Sector– Momentive

Implementation & Support (Since October 2011 to May 2012)

  • Deployed Function specs, Technical specs as per the Templates specific to Quality Standards.

  • Installed Business Content for Standard Info Cubes, Info Source and Info Objects as per the Client Requirements.

  • Created & Scheduled Info Packages and populated DSO objects & Info cubes with full update and Delta Update

  • Worked on creation Queries, calculated key figures, Restricted Key figures, Structures, Variables to enhance the reporting features. Implemented conditions and restriction in the reports based on the requirements, Developed Workbooks.

  • Designed and developed process chains for master data loads and transaction data loads

  • Involved in User Manual preparation and End User Training.

Professional Expérience #3



SAP LABS India Pvt Ltd – Remote Support Delivery Team

(A global Product development company that specializes ERP and Business Intelligence solutions)



From Date: June 2010

To Date: September 2011

Worked as


SAP Support Consultant as a part of the Remote Service Delivery – Center of excellence Team (RSD-COE) for SAP AG (SAPLABS), which provides end to end system performance tuning solutions/consultancy to the customers of SAP worldwide.



Optimization of Systems Before GoLive, After GoLive, BPPO (Business Process Performance Optimization)



SAP BW 3.X, SAP BI 7.0, SAP ERP, SAP Solution Manger System



Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning: SAP ERP, SAP Solution Manager, Query Optimization, Database Optimization

  • Delivered remote service sessions for the SAP MaxAttention customers and providing system performance enhancing solutions; worked on customers system for detailed analysis of the systems performance, worked closely with the SAP basis teams of the client.

  • Involved in Performance tuning using Aggregates, Rollup, Partition and Compression, Indexing of Info Cubes, and use of Statistics for the same.

  • Solving client’s tickets related to various BW areas viz. Extraction/Data loadings, Reports and Data validations for BW against Source data.

  • Involved in monitoring jobs that includes monitoring daily, weekly and monthly loads using process chains and taking corrective actions if necessary.

  • Involved in system testing while system maintenance.

  • Involved in solving performance-related issues.

  • Worked majorly on SAP R/3 (at architecture level) and database performance tuning techniques, Code analyzing/optimizing, SQL tuning keeping in line with the business processes and requirements of the client , and business process optimization

  • Checking the customer system, validating and deciding on the correct SAP system configuration settings as per the systems requirement and behavior.

  • Performed complete customer system checks to identify for the performance degrading factors and give recommendations to counter them.

Initiatives taken:

  • Conducted sessions on tweaking SQL queries on BODI for the most optimized run times, best practices while working on BODI, on writing scripts inside BODI instead of using transformations to reduce run time.

  • Trained new senior colleagues from Business Objects team on cross over services between SAP systems and BOBJ systems.

Professional Expérience #4




(An international sales force and marketing consulting firm)



From Date: December - 2008

To Date: June - 2010

Worked as


Business Technology Associate

Project 1


Daiichi Sankyo Inc. Phase 1

Project 2


Daiichi Sankyo Inc. Phase 2



ETL tools (Business Objects Data Services), DW/BI, PL/SQL




Mid Tier US based Managed Care Pharmaceutical Industry – Daiichi Sankyo Inc. Phase 1

DSI MC DSS (Since Dec 2008)

  • Single member who handled both ETL - BODS (Business Objects Data Services) and BO Reporting operations of a BO system to help sales and marketing analytics needs of a major US pharmaceutical company.

  • Created IVR (Input Validation Process) reports for the client which helped the client in identifying control totals for the data and also the exceptions in the data.

  • Developed crucial ETL which automatically populates the required time periods in Databases every month which reduced team effort significantly (Also reducing Runtime to good extent).

Mid Tier US based Managed Care Pharmaceutical Industry – Daiichi Sankyo Inc. Phase 2

DSI MC DSS (Since Feb 2009 to June 2010)

  • Lead member responsible for performing R&D on various techniques in optimizing and fine tuning the SQL’s for report performance. Came up some techniques that made a lot of difference in the performance and the same were set as standards for the other projects and helping other teams to optimize there reports.

  • Key member of the ETL Team which developed complex ETL system that handles records in count of billions with ease.

  • Member of the team that developed report mockups to be displayed to the client in the demo.

  • Automated the QC for the BO reports which reduced the monthly QC process time by half.

  • Developed ETL (BO Data Services) for a report that captures the client’s usage of the system.

  • Created Case study for the New Employee Orientation Program for freshers & Conducted BO DI training sessions as a part of New Employee Orientation Program for freshers.

Educational Qualifications

Degree : Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science – 65.01%

University : Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka
Date: Signature of the applicant

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