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Cattle Feed supplements

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Cattle Feed supplements ;
Many synthetic Cattle Feed Supplements are currently available in the market to increase the milk yields in Lactating animals. But, with continuous usage, such products are not only harmful to the animals but also to humans who consume milk from such animals. So, the usage of such antibiotic products has been banned in many countries.
To overcome this problem, a 100 % Natural product with absolutely no side affects has been developed after 6 years of extensive research at Southern Citrus. The product has been tested in laboratory as well as live animals at Veterinary university and many other dairies for efficacy and long term benefits. It has been well established that regular usage of this Natural product results in improvement in Overall health of animals apart from tangible benefits with increased milk yields and SNF. This unique Bio tech product has been aptly named as Bio Ksheera ( which in Sanskrit means milk ) .

Salient features of Bio Ksheera :

  • It is an absolutely safe product ( with no side effects to the animal or Humans )

  • It has a citrus smell and well liked by the animals

  • It is a Herbal product and not Synthetic or Hormonal or Antibiotic.

  • It gives extra milk / Fat as a result of overall improvement in animal health and is not milk specific unlike other products

  • It is Cost effective to the cattle owners

  • It is well accepted by modern scientists & Veterinary doctors

Bio Ksheera Composition :
Bio Ksheera is a proportionately balanced Herbal extract mixture in a salt base and mixed with essential minerals & Vitamins. The following Herbal extracts are utilised :

  • citrus aurantifolia

  • leptadaenia reticulate

  • ipomea mauritiana

  • hemidesmus indicus

  • asparagus racemosus

  • withania somnifera

All these herbs have been cited in Ayurveda and are thus very safe for consumption by cattle.

Mode of Action :

  • Bio Ksheera induces production of Nitric Oxide ( NO ) from endothelial cells of animals

  • NO plays a key role in the improvement of health of any animal

  • NO has very good antimicrobial activity and thus gives high disease resistance and increased immunity

  • NO is a natural antioxidant and overall health of the animal improves.

  • Nitric Oxide is a good anti-pathogenic agent and has broad activity against bacteria, Fungi , Protozoa and several other pathogens.


'SOUTHERN CITRUS Products pvt ltd ' is the largest processor of citrus limes in Asia manufacturing almost all value added by-products like PECTIN, LIME OIL, LIME JUICE, DRIED LIME PEEL, CITRUS FIBRE, CALCIUM CITRATE.
The unit is strategically located in Gudur (In the state of Andhra Pradesh In Southern part of India- Very near to Chennai on NH5) which is the main belt for citrus limes in India.
This exclusive Citrus unit has beautifully been put up on a 3.0 acres of eco-friendly environment. The uniqueness of the project is that there is no waste generation at all ! The unit has been fully modernized to International Standards with some of the key equipment imported from Mexico, USA and Italy. The unit is managed by a highly professional team which is rare for a SSI food industry. The company has already achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification and about to acquire KOSHER certification.
The Unit has excellent facilities to spray dry any fruit juice powder/ Nutracuiticals apart from dehydrate / Osmotically dry any fruit / vegetable. A full fledged Herbal extraction plant has been put up in a hygienic GMP building. A sophisticated laboratory with imported equipment like HPLC, GC, UV Spectrophotometer has been added recently. Thus, Southern Citrus which has been started as an exclusive Citrus plant has evolved into a multipurpose Processing unit catering to Food and Herbal Industries.
A National Award – 2007 (instituted by MSME, Govt. of India ) for Quality Products under ‘ Processed fruits and Vegetables category’ apart from AP state and APSFC awards have been bagged by the company.

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