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Building Permit Application Helpful Hints

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City of Holbrook

Building Permit Application

Helpful Hints


  1. On minor projects such as sheds, garages, carports and other alterations a plot plan may be all the City needs to review. The plot plan will need to show utilities (underground and overhead) to insure that proper clearances are met.

  2. The plot plan must show the property lines and building dimensions so that City staff can check set-backs, lot coverage, fire protection egress and others items. At the back of the building permit application there are some sample plot plans to assist you in your preparation for obtaining a building permit.

  3. For major projects such as dwellings and commercial building construction, detailed building plans and plot plans will be required and to scale. There cannot be too much detail on these drawings. The more detail on the drawings the less questions City staff has to ask and the quicker the permit process can be completed and construction started.

  4. Remember to show all utilities (overhead and underground). There are very important clearances that have to be met and any conflicts with utilities that can be avoided prior to construction will be time saved for the builder.

  5. On the building drawings show dimensions on all outside and inside walls and calculate the square footage. Building permit fees are calculated by the area within the outside walls.

  6. Other information that the City needs is the parcel no., easements, legal description, address, contractor’s license number and owner information.

The City of Holbrook staff is here to help. Much of the information that is requested is available at City Hall. Remember with good planning on your behalf and assistance from our staff we can make this process as painless as possible.

If you need any assistance call City Hall to make arrangements to meet with me or another member of our staff and we will be happy to help.

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