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Bridges-Josour, Inc and the Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development

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The Second World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies


11-16 June 2006

Bridges-Josour, Inc. and the Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development (Jordan) are organizing a special Consultation on:
Arab Civil Society, Functional Democracy,

Global Governance and the Rise of Fundamentalism

On 13 June 2006 at the Royal Cultural Center in Amman
09:00 – 11:00

Session 1:

Functional Democracy Experiences in the Arab World
Provide experiences from around the Middle East on Methodologies, projects and programs that are contributing to enhance local democracy, economic expansion and social involvement.
Moderator and introduction

Fadi Riachi, CEO Bridges- Josour, Inc.

1. Film presentation on development projects implemented in the Bekaa Valley using the Bridges-Josour methodologies.

2. Community Representative from the Bekaa in Lebanon

Sobhi El Khoury, Head of Union of Agricultural Cooperatives.

  1. Community Representatives from Ma’an in Jordan

Suad Nayef

  1. Government – Citizen Partnerships, Hala Bsaiso Lattouf, Executive Director of World-Links Arab Region, Former DG of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

  2. Donor country representative

Nicolas Abbott, Regional Director, Engaging with the Arab World Program – British Embassy, Cairo

  1. Arab Private Sector perspective (Short film and Presentation)

Raghda Butros, Director, Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development, Jordan.

11:30 - 13:00

Session 2:

Arab Civil Society, Democracy and the Rise of Fundamentalism.
What is the role of Arab Civil Society in light of global and local constraints, including: Lack of Democratic Processes, Weak educational systems, poverty and the rise of fundamentalism?
This debate might be broadcast live or taped to be later broadcast as a one hour program.
Moderator and introduction

Fadi Riachi, CEO Bridges- Josour, Inc.
El Hassan Bin Talal

Jizel Khoury

Riaz Hassan

Al Sadeq Al-Mahdi

Mouhammed Al-Roumaihi

Nadia Al-Sakkaf

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