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Born: August 29, 1847

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EDWARD WAINWRIGHT Jr. (great grandfather)

Prepared by Roger Leslie Wainwright

last updated June 26, 2004

Born: August 29, 1847

Birth Place

Died: May 27, 1934 (Age 86)


Buried: Goldenrod Cemetery, Deep River, Iowa

Parents: Edward Wainwright, born August 25, 1816 in Shelmersdale, Lancashire County,

England. Dies November 22,1896 in Morgan County, Center Township, Ohio.

Marries Alice Molyneux August 14, 1837 in Parrish of Ormskirk at Lancashire.
Alice Molyneux Wainwright, born February 25, 1821 in Bickerstaffe, Lancashire,

England, dies before 1896 in Morgan County, Center Township, Ohio.

Daughter of John Molyneux and Margaret Pilkinton.

Sibling: See children of Edward Wainwright and Alice Molyneux in a separate document.

Married: Catherine Strasser on December 27, 1874

Children: 1. Thomas Franklin born December 1, 1875 near Thornburg, Iowa

Married Mary Catherine Moore Nov. 24. 1900 in Thornburg, Iowa

Mary Catherine Moore was born Nov. 1879 and died Feb. 17, 1945.

(She is buried near Thornburg)

One son: Ray M. Wainwright

Ray was born July 24, 1913 at Tilton, Iowa, married in Chicago, Ill. on

Jan 18, 1952 to nell Walter, who was born July 17, 1928 in Polson,

Montana. They had three children:

1. Carol Joyce born ug. 24, 1953 in Polson, Mont.

2. Diana Marie born Oct. 15, 1955 in Urbana, Ill.

3. Eric Walter born December 17, 1957 Ogalla, Neb.

Ray earned a M.S. degree and was a professor of Electrical Engineering at

Colorado State University. (I remember visiting Ray and family in the early

1960's at there home in Ft. Collins.

Thomas died November 29, 1968

Social Security Number: 517-40-9037

residence: Bigfork, Flathead, Montana

Swan Lake, Flathead, Montana

source: US Social Security Death Index

2. Frederick Freeman born December 12, 1881 (my grandfather)

Died Dec. 20, 1962.

Additional Information:

I discovered there is an Edward Wainwright listed in the 1860 Ohio Census as head of household in Center Town-ship in Morgan county. There are seven other Wainwrights listed as head of household in other parts of Ohio, but none in Morgan county. Since Edward(great-grandfather) was 13 in 1860 this Edward must be his father.

I need to look at the original census to verify this -- Roger Wainwright
The Garrett Family History states Wainwrights settled near Zanesville, Ohio in Muskingum

County (next to Morgan County)

The following is the biographical entry in the Poweshiek County History - 1880- for Edward Wainwright:

"His grandfather was a native of England, where his father was born in 1824. Edward was also born in England on the 29 of August, 1847. His father immigrated with his entire family to the United States when Edward was four years old, arriving here July 2, 1851. They farmed in Morgan county, Ohio, where Edward worked for his father until he was twenty-one years, when he went to Winnebago county, Illinois, and farmed there for one year, when he immigrated to Iowa and worked a rented farm in Keokuk county for about nine years. He then commenced improving his present farm and moved to it in the spring of 1879. Mr. W. married, on the 27th of December, 1874, Miss Catherine Strasser, of Prairie township, Keokuk county, Iowa, who was born in Ohio, July 4, 1848. They have one child, Thomas Franklin (born December 1, 1875). He owns 90 acres of land, which is in splendid condition."

SUMMARY BY DATES For Edward Wainwright (my great grandfather)
1816 Edward Wainwright Sr. was born

1847 August 29 Born

1851 July 2 Arrived in United States, Center Township Morgan County, Ohio.

1868 Left his father's farm at age of 21 for Winnebago County, Illinois

1869 Left Illinois for Keokuk County, Iowa

1869-1878 Worked a rented farm in Keokuk County, Iowa

1874 Dec. 27 Married Catherine Strasser of Prairie township, Keokuk county, Iowa.

1875 Dec. 1 Thomas Franklin was born.

1879 Spring Moved to the "Wainwright Family Farm"

1881 Dec. 12 Frederick Freeman born

1920 Edward retired

1934 May 27 Died

Catherine Strasser (Great grandmother)

Born: July 14, 1848

Birth Place: Kenton, Harden County, Ohio

Died: July 14, 1938

Buried: Goldenrod Cemetery, Deep River, Iowa

Parents: John Henry Strasser

Catherine Grabille (I call her Catherine Strasser "Senior")

Married: Edward Wainwright on December 27, 1874

Children: Listed above
Additional Information:

When Catherine was three months old she went with her parents by covered wagon to Iowa where the family settled near Keswick, later moving to Thornburg.

Source: Obituary of Catherine Strasser Wainwright and material from David L. Martin

of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dad and I visited Mr. Martin at his home in Cedar Rapids and he gave me a genealogy of the Strasser family of which he is a descendant. As I recall, both Dad and Mr. Martin attended the 1919 funeral of Catherine Strasser "Senior".

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