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Black gum areas

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Shown on the planning scheme map as VPO1.




.0 Statement of nature and significance of vegetation to be protected

The Macedon Ranges Shire has many important areas of remnant native vegetation, which play an important part in the biodiversity of the Shire. They provide important areas for habitat.

The Shire has a significant stand of remnant Black Gums (Eucalyptus aggregata) that exist in close proximity to the Woodend Township.

Some of these remnants Black Gum areas are located along roadsides, which are also important locations of rare, threatened and endangered flora and fauna species. It is important to maintain and enhance habitat and corridor requirements for indigenous fauna.



.0 Vegetation protection objective to be achieved

To protect all remnant Black Gums.

To conserve the habitat and environs of this species of eucalypt.



.0 Permit requirement

A permit is required to remove, destroy or lop remnant Black Gum vegetation.

This does not apply to the removal, destruction and lopping of vegetation which is associated with:

  • Erecting a sign.

  • Constructing unenclosed buildings.

  • Undertaking repairs and routine maintenance to existing building and works.

  • Works undertaken by a public authority relating to vegetation management, fire management or environmental improvements.



.0 Application requirements

An application to remove native vegetation must:

  • Indicate the total extent of native vegetation on the subject land and the extent of proposed clearing, destruction or lopping, the location of any river, stream, watercourse, wetland or channel on the subject land and, if relevant, the location of areas with a slope exceeding 20 per cent.

  • Specify the purpose of the proposed clearing.

  • Demonstrate that the need for removal, destruction or lopping of remnant native vegetation has been reduced to the maximum extent that is reasonable and practicable.

  • Specify proposals for revegetation following disturbance or restoration of an alternate site, including proposed species and ground stabilisation.

  • If the area of proposed clearing exceeds 0.4 hectares, include a report on the vegetation and habitat significance of the area subject to the application, to the satisfaction of the responsible authority.



.0 Decision guidelines

Before deciding on an application, the responsible authority must consider, as appropriate:

  • The need to remove any Black Gum vegetation including the consideration of alternative ways of carrying out any development on the land.

  • The location of driveways or crossings over roadside reserves.

  • The need for replacement vegetation of an appropriate species.

  • The need to retain Black Gum vegetation due to its listing as a threatened taxon in the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, 1988, and the Black Gum Action Statement, 2004

  • The need to facilitate the natural revegetation of Black Gums throughout the Woodend area.

  • Any roadside conservation or management strategies including:

  • Roadside Management Plan for the Shires of Newham & Woodend, Kyneton and Romsey, 1994.

  • Gisborne Roadsides Management Plan, 1993.

  • The flora and fauna conservation value of the roadside area.

  • The need to use local endemic flora species for revegetation.

  • The need to fence off roadside vegetation areas to protect its environmental values.

  • The landscape, recreational and amenity values of the vegetation.

  • The role of roadsides as corridors for the movement of fauna and avifauna between areas of native vegetation.

  • The need to protect vegetation from damage and disturbance by mowing, burning, grazing, droving, cultivation, spraying, grading, road formation and drainage works.

  • Pest plant and animal control.

  • The habitat value of dead trees and logs.

  • Maintaining sight distance and clearance to fixed objects for road safety.

  • The benefits of acquiring adequate additional land.

  • Whether buildings, works or use could be more appropriately located on cleared land.

  • Any relevant fire management plan.

  • The threat of soil erosion and land slip resulting from loss of vegetation.

  • The need to locate access roads across slope to minimise visual intrusion of the road on land where slope is greater than 20 per cent.

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