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Architectural dialog

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2nd International forum of

City planning and Architecture

Maria Gazarkh,,

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

July 15, 2008

ADIALOG | Saint-Petersburg – capital of architecture

September 10-13, 2008

Hall # 6, Lenexpo

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Saint-Petersburg is a masterpiece of architecture, pearl of architectural heritage. Besides a historical value, the city has one more function. Saint-Petersburg is the centre of business activity of Russia, it connects foreign countries, including near and far abroad countries, with the Russian cities and the Asian countries.

To serve this purpose efficiently, infrastructure integrated development is required. It is possible only at the adjusted dialogue of a building up process participants, as: town-planners, investors, developers, architects, builders, representatives of administration.

To propose a new approach to the solutions of problems the International forum of city-planning and architecture ADialog will unite prominent architects throughout the world, main architects of cities of Russia within the bounds of an exposition and the business program.

The organisers of the project are ARTINDEX Publishing-Exhibition Center, ITE Group and Primexpo at support of the Committee for City-planning and architecture, Committee for Investments and strategic projects, Saint-Petersburg Guild of Architects and Association of Architectural Workshops.

Forum is organized in association with International Association of reconstruction and restoration and the Italian fair of interior design ABITARE IL TEMPO, whose expositions will be presented at an exhibition.

Special emphasis will be concentrated on actual problems of modern architecture and construction:

  • Cities development problems: growing cities, satellite town, small cities

  • Infrastructure Development: architectural design comprehensive approach

  • Town-planning

  • Downtown architectural space problem solving

  • Cities-museums: decentralization, as a direction of town-planning development

  • Comfortable and accessible house

  • Out-of-town house-building

Official program of Forum will be open on September, 11th with the Advisory council committee on town-planning activity at Russian Federation State Duma Committee on building and ground relations, during which architecture and the town-planning policy development subjects of the Russian Federation will be opened.

Competition of student's works will pass within the bounds of exhibition. Students and graduates of specialized institutes of higher education can present architectural decisions on renovation of industrial estates.
To take part in the Forum are invited:

  • Alexander Viktorov, Saint-Petersburg Chief Architect, Committee for city-planning and architecture chairman,

  • Valery Kim, Leningrad region Chief Architect,

  • Sergey Mityagin, Director of State «Research and Design Center of St.Petersburg Master Plan», doctor of architecture, professor,

  • Michael Milchik, deputy general director Saint-Petersburg scientific research institute Spetsproektrestavratsiya, arts critic candidate,

  • Ekaterinburg, Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Perm Chief Architects


  • Guild of Managers and Developers,

  • Construction Organizations Union,

  • Saint-Petersburg Investment and construction projects Fund,

  • Federal and Regional Programs Fund,

  • Center: of Contemporary Architecture

  • Association of Architectural Workshops

International architects:

  • Zaha Hadid (Zaha Hadid Architects – UK)

  • Remment Koolhaas (Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) - Netherlands)

  • Valerio Olgiati (Valerio Olgiati Architekten - Switzerland)

  • Martin Robain (AS.Architecture-Studio – France)

  • Manfredi Nicoletti (Manfredi Nicoletti – Italy)

  • Paul Shroeder (f s  -  a  r  c  h  i  t  e  k t  e  n – Germany)

  • Ernst-Ulrich Tillmans (4a Architekten – Germany)

  • João Santa-Rita (Santa - Rita Arquitectos - Portugal)

  • Daniel Garbowit (Gabellini Sheppard – USA)


  • Soren Svare, Head of office Ove Arup & Partners International Limited,

  • Val Jerdes, Director of Advisory Consulting, Research, Investment Praktis Consulting & Brokerage,

  • Hannu Toivonen, projects development manager SRV Russia

  • GVA Sawyer International Properties Advisers representatives,

  • Maris Properties representatives

Specialized Institutes of Higher Education representatives:

  • Sergey Grishin, arts critic candidate, head of architectural heritage restoration and reconstruction sub-faculty of Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering,

  • Elena Tretiyakova, arts critic candidate, docent of architectural heritage restoration and reconstruction sub-faculty of Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering,

  • Vladimir Sanzharov, dean of Faculty of Design of the St.-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, Saint-Petersburg Guild of Designers president,

  • Oleg Romanov, director Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Architecture,

  • Alevtina Balakina, faculty of architecture dean of Moscow State University of Construction,

  • Alexander Avramov, director British Higher School of Art and Design.

Date: 10-13 September 2008 within the bounds of 12th International Exhibition ‘BalticBuild’

Venue: Lenexpo, Hall # 6, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Object: support of innovative development of spheres of architecture, construction and city-planning with participation of representatives of professional community.

Main task: creation of open independent information space for architectural and design projecting development tendencies investigation, accumulations of the information on the modern domestic, foreign workshops and authors activity.

The idea of forum consists in the major aspects of architecture and construction discussion at a professional level with participation of business-community key representatives, State structures and public organizations.

The arrangement will unite prominent international architects, chief architects of Russian cities and state structures representatives for the purpose of exchange of views and adjusting a constructive dialog between authorities and business.

Format: exhibition + business program

On May 23 – June 01 Saint-Petersburg opened first International Forum of architecture and interior design ‘Architectural Dialog’, within the bounds of which projects of international and russian designers and architects were represented.

Exhibited works reflected current trends of contemporary architecture diversity, as well as a wide range of scales — from a single cottage to a new stadium and contemporary theater.

More than 30 architectural companies and design bureaus from 10 countries, including Russia, Japan, Austria, Portugal, Italy, France, Netherlands, took part in Forum.

Representatives of Institutes of Higher Education, committees and associations on architecture addressed a meeting.

Interest, aroused by Forum, allows to state openness in town-planning innovations perception by world architectural community.


ARTINDEX® Informational-Exhibitional Center

7 Mytninskaya Str.

Saint-Petersburg 191144, Russia

Tel./Fax: +7 (812) 320-10-72


Primexpo exhibitional company, official partner of ITE Group

24 – A, Yakubovicha Str.,

Saint-Petersburg 190000, Russia

Tel.: +7 (812) 380-60-04

Fax: +7 (812) 380-60-01


For additional information please contact Press center of 2nd International forum of City planning and Architecture ‘Architectural Dialog’ by phone number: +7 (812) 320-10-70, or via e-mail:

ADIALOG | Saint-Petersburg, 2008

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