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Alexei Muraviev

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Alexei Muraviev

Institute of World History| Dept. of Ancient History and Christian East

Leninsky prosp. | Moscow, 117 991


+7(495) 954 4852 (office) | +7(495) 938 1912 (fax)

(495) 699 2689 (home)

Curriculum vitae

Special Interests

Ancient history, in particular Roman and Late Antique; Early Christianity (especially Syria, Georgia, Armenia, Ethiopia), Byzantine history; Greek Philosophy (esp. Platonism), History of Byzantine and Syriac literature; Classical Philology (historical, philosophical prose, hagiography); Aramaic Studies; Georgian Studies; History of Aksum; Late Antique Intellectual History; Sociology of religion, Comparative Methods in Historical Research


1992 University of Moscow, Classics Dept. Some courses taken at Philosophy Dept.

1992–3 Course in sociology of religion, University of Geneva, Switzerland

1992-1994 – Doctoral Fellow, Institute of General History, State Academy of sciences

1994 Ph.D. in history of the Christian East in Russian Academy of sciences (University) Dissertation title: Julian the Apostate in Late Antique Hagiorgaphy. Thesis advisor: Prof. Sergei Averintsev.

Habilitation thesis is scheduled for 2014

Dissertation title: Syriac Miaphysite Monastics and the Spread of Christianity in the Christian East in VI cent.

Professional Career

Research Fellow, Institute of General History, Russian Academy of Sciences, since 1995 until now from 2001 – Senior Research Fellow

Chair, Dept of History, Classes in Classical and Patristic Greek, Syriac and Christian Arabic, St. Tikhon Institute of Theology, Russia 1992-1996

Guest researcher, CNRS, Paris, 1996-1997

Assistant Professor of Eastern Christian History, Moscow State University, The Institute for Asian and African Studies. 1997-1999

Lecturer in Classics and Byzantine History and patristic literature, St. Andrew Theological Institute 2001–2008

Lecturer on the Late Antique thought, Moscow State University, Faculty of Philosophy, 2011 until now

Fellowships, Awards and Research grants

Scholarship: École française de Rome, May to August 1992.

Temporary post : Centre National de la Recherche scientifique, chercheur associé, 1995-1996

Scholarships of the Maison des sciences de l’Homme, Paris, 1998-2003

Scholarship: Alexander von-Humboldt-Stiftung (Geschichte), 1999-2000, 2001, 2009.

Presidential Academic Award for outstanding young scholars (Russian Federation) 2001

Member of the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton 2003–4
Research Grants: Russian Humanities Research Foundation 1997, 2002, 2005

Russian foundation for basic research Grants, 1995, 2008

Melbourne University, Whitley College, guest researcher grant, 2013



(1) Lulianos. Die sinaitische arabische Übersetzung des syrischen Juliansromans (co-authored with M. van Esbroeck) (Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium) (in print)

  1. Mar Aphrem of Nisibis. Madrashe against Julian. [Мар Афрем Нисибинский. Юлиановский цикл] (Moscow, 2006) [Syriac text, first Russian translation with introduction and commentary, indexes etc. ]

  2. Mar Ishaq of Nineveh. Treatise I, 1 (Moscow, 2008) 250 pp. with tables. [Syriac text, new Russian translation with introduction and commentary, indexes etc.]

  3. Oriental Orthodox Christianity. A Textbook for Religious Study Course for Russian schools (Moscow, 2012)

  4. Syriac Manuscript from Taipei, Academia sinica syr. 1: a lost witness of Syriac Christianity from 12th c. Turfan. Piscataway, 2014 (proposed for print in Gorgias Press)

Articles and Reviews

  1. „Athenagoras of Athens. Legatio pro Christianis . Itrod., translation, commentary“ In: Journal of Ancient History (henceforth - VDI) 3. 1993. pp. 235–252; 4. 1993. pp. 263-279. [in Russian]

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  6. Christian State in Mar Aphrem’s View // AA.VV. Traditions and Heritage of the Christian Orient. Proceedings of the International Conference. Moscow, 1996. p. 327–342. (reprinted with minor changes in Regnum (Moscow, 1996) pp. 18-33)) [in Russian]

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  16. “The Fragments of the Syriac Julian Romance from the Manuscript Paris Syr. 378”. In Khristianskij Vostok 2/8 (2000) 14—34 [co-authored with S.Brock]

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  50. Médecine thérapeutique syriaque de l’époque préislamique // Sciences en syriaque. Éd. Par É. Villey. Études syriaques 11. (in print, 2014)

  51. Medical Imagery and Medical Terms in mar Ishaq of Nineveh and Medical Science of his Time // Symposium syriacum 14 (Malta) (in print) 15 pp.

  52. Nosological lexicon of the Syriac medicine // Perspectives on Linguistics and Ancient Languages (PLAL) (submitted, 2014)

  53. The Syriac Man of God and his Aksnayūthā // (PLAL) (submitted, 2014)

  54. Basil of Cesarea and Ephrem the Syrian: a historical Encounter or hagiographical Topos // VDI 2014, (in print)

  55. John Chrysostom in Antioch and the historiography of ‘Messalian Heresy’ // Oriens (in print)

Work in progress

“Syriac emigrants of the 6th cent. The Chapter in the Christianization of the Christian Orient”

“The Eastern Syriac Manuscript with the Rite of Matrimony from Taipei”

“St. Isaac the Syrian. Treatises 6-20. Russian Translation from Syriac and Commentary”.
Courses taught

St. Tikhon Theological Institute (1993–2001)

7. Lecture course: Ancient History

8. Lecture course: Byzantine History

9. Lecture course: Medieval Western History

10. Seminar: Introduction to Syriac language

11. Seminar: Classical Greek reading: Plato

12. Graduate Course: Coptic literature from 4th to 12th cent.

13. Graduate Course: Syriac Hagiography

Moscow University (2002-2013)

1. Lecture course: Eastern Christian History (2-14 cent.)

2. Graduate Seminar: Ethiopic History (Axum)

3. Patristic Greek reading (historians, different texts)

4. Seminar: Syriac mystical literature

5. Syriac language course

6. Late Antique philosophy of Medicine (from Galenus to Ibn Sina)

7. Syriac hagiography

St. Andrew Institute (2003-2010)

1. Greek Patristic authors reading (Gregory of Nasianzus, Basil, Chrysostomica, Maximus)

2. Early Church History (3-8 cc.)

3. Ascetical Thought of the Early Church Fathers (II-IV cc.)

Professional talks

Patristic conferences Pro Oriente (Vienna, 2001, 2003; Luxemburg, 2005; Brancoveanu, 2007, Thessaloniki, 2009)

Oxford Patristic Conference (1995, 2000, 2005)

Symposia syriaca (all from 1992)

Congrès de l’association des étuses syriaques (Paris, 2006)

Universita del S. Cuore (Roma) (1994)

Congress on Christian sociology (Sao Paolo, 1999)

International Conférence on Byzantine Studies (1993-2003)

Historian and the Text, Academic Seminar, march 2014

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