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Ball, Flamen
Flamen Ball photograph collection, 1909

The YUCATAN in Alaska, 1909
PCA 024

3 albums

Processed By: Staff

(167 photoprints) : b&w ; 29 x 37 cm.

In 1909, George W. Perkins, of Riverdale-on-Hudson, New York, partner to J.P. Morgan, hired the S.S. YUCATAN, flagship of the Alaska Steamship Company, to bring eighteen members of his family to Alaska to view Guggenheim holdings. They were joined by Alaska Governor Wilford B. Hoggatt and a professional photographer.

The three albums were offered to the library by Flamen Ball , whose parents participated on the trip.
1. [S.S. YUCATAN; side view anchored near forested shore.]
2. [Man in uniform standing on ship's deck.]
3. Waterfall - Inside Passage.
4. First Rainy Day [five party members on deck; George W. Perkins, right].
5. The Pests [two young men in uniforms standing on deck].
6. Another Rainy Day [five party members, including George Perkins (second from left), on deck].
7. Inside Passage [scenic].
8. [Scenic view across forest toward mountains.]
9. [Scenic view across water.]
10. Photographed 9:30 PM [men on deck with large catch of fish. Left to right: Stanley Moffat, Flamen Ball, George W. Perkins, Hare Delafield, Robert Milbank].
11. Pulling the Trap [men operating fish trap].
12. Salmon Trap [two men and load of fish].
13. [Fish in bins at fish trap.]
14. 100,000 Salmon in Trap. Excursion Inlet Cannery. Sorting and Counting [looking down on men unloading bins of fish].
15. Nearing Muir Glacier [overall view].
16. Icy Straits.
17. Ice Bergs near Muir [Glacier].
18. Disenchantment Bay [dirty iceberg in foreground].
19. Fairweather Range [and glacier; view across water].
20. Fairweather Range [looking across water to tidewater glacier].
21. Yakatat Bay [Yakutat Bay, looking across water to the town of Yakutat].
22. Cordova [view down large street lined with businesses]. Blurred view
23. Camp 49 - Copper River R.R. [ladies sitting on benches].
24. Mary [Delafield] - Dorothy [Martin] - Stanley [Moffat (left to right); at railroad station].
25. Childs Glacier - Copper River.
26. Childs Glacier [party sitting on bouldery beach across from the glacier].
27. Childs Glacier [face].
28. Ferry - C.R. R.R. [three men and two women on dock inspecting icebergs].
29. Columbia Glacier. S.Y. YUCATAN [(S.S. Yucatan) side view of ship].
30. Columbia Glacier [distant view of face].
31. Pinnacles - Columbia [person standing near glacier face at left].
32. Left End, Columbia Glacier.
33. Barry Glacier [distant view].
34. Barry (near Harriman) [glacier view across water].
35. Harriman Fiord [four women and four men standing atop small hill].
36. Harriman Fiord - Poling Icebergs [people in two open boats on water].
37. Serpentine Glacier.
38. Serpentine [glacier view].
39. Harriman Fiord.
40. Wedge Glacier.
41. Harriman Glacier [distant view across water and forested hill].
42. Harriman [looking across water to distant glacier; three open boats in distance].
43. Harriman - Showing the H [three open boats filled with people in front of glacier].
44. Harriman [Glacier face].
45. Harriman Fiord [looking back to two open boats on water].
46. Dangerous Travel [small open boat in ice-filled water].
47. Landing Near Harriman [two open boats on rocky beach; glacier in background].
48. Wedge Glacier [three tourists standing at base of glacier].
49. Landing near Harriman [looking way down on two open boats and people on beach].
50. Harriman at Close Range [glacier face].
51. View of H on Glacier [looking over top of glacier].
52. Harriman - Right End [glacier face].
53. Taking a View. Lupine [man and woman on hill overlooking Harriman Glacier. Lupine flowering around them].

54. "Hyas Tyee" [George W. Perkins in raingear, standing on deck of ship].

55. King Salmon - 54 Lbs. [YUCATAN sailor lifting a large salmon on beach].
56. Nearing Juneau [wide channel; docks at right].
57. Juneau [waterfront and U.S. Courthouse at center].
58. White Pass R.R. [scenic view of mountains].
59. Sawtooth Mt. White Pass R.R.
60. Old Church - Lake Bennet [Bennett].
61. Lake Bennet [Bennett, railroad tracks in foreground].
62. Lewis River. W.P. R.R. [scenic view].
63. Stage Coach Ride, Whitehorse [tourists on Royal Mail No. 2, W.P.Y.R. wagon].
64. Fishing at Lake Bennet [no photo].
65. Doughnuts! [group of men and women posing on lake shore].
66. [Looking from beach at low tide toward island and steamer].
67. Rodman Bay [three people standing below man on tramline near river].
68. Trout fishing - Rodman Bay [party of five on beach with catch].
69. Fishing - Rodman Bay [five people walking away through shallow water].
70. The Three Hunters. Rodman [three men with dead deer on shore; Hare Delafield, center].
71. Hare Delafield [carrying deer on his back at Rodman Bay].
72. Rodman Bay [tourists in canoe and open boat near shore].
73. Hot Chocolate at Muir Glacier [party on deck with food].
74. [Scenic view of mountains and water].
75. Cordova Harbor [road on shore and large wharf].
76. Near Cordova [forested cliff above water].
77. Prince William Sound Near Cordova [scenic view of cliff and sound].
78. Copper River.
79. Typical Tourist. A.E.B. [woman holding leafy branches on deck of ship].
80. G.W.P. [George W. Perkins] in Eskimo Coat [on deck of ship].
81. Natives at Tatilek [Tatitlek; eight children seated on rough porch].
82. Embarking at Harriman Fiord [tourists entering two open boats].
83. Lunch at Harriman Fiord [party on hillside].
84. Scene at Harriman Fiord [pond in foreground and fiord in distance].
85. Harriman Glacier [from beach].
86. Lupin at Harriman [man and woman picking lupine flowers on slope].
87. Near face of Harriman Glacier [party of eight sitting on hilltop above fiord].
88. G.W.P. [George W. Perkins] and Harriman Glacier.
89. Lupin [Lupine].
90. Eatin' part of Harriman Glacier [man leaning over a small iceberg].
91. Beautiful Resurrection Bay.
92. Coast of Resurrection Bay.
93. "Doctor & Sadie" [no photo].
94. Thumb Cove [looking down mountain stream toward ship in bay].
95. Eyak Lake.
96. Fish Lake.
97. Chignik [looking over rooftops across valley to mountains].
98. Barabara at Chignik.
99. Bidarkie at Chignik [three-hole kayak on beach].
100. Natives at Chignik [woman and two children].
101. Homes at Chignik.
102. An old settler at Chignik [standing in front of sod house].
103. Chignik Natives [two women and two children seated by tent].
104. Village at Chignik [similar to 101; man on path at center].
105. Cannery at Chignik [scenic view of ships in harbor].
106. Aleut Maidens [head and shoulders portrait of two girls].
107. Clouds unfolding over Pavlof.
108. Portage Bay [small wood hut on wide plain].
109. Natives at Portage Bay [two women and a child, all dressed in full length fur parkas, standing near pile of driftwood and huts].
110. Most of us [tourists on deck of ship].
111. Observation Room on S.S. YUCATAN [three women and a man seated indoors].
112. Game of Cards [in the Observation Room].
113. A Freshman [young chick on nest].
114. Afternoon Refreshments [group standing on deck of ship].
115. Sitka [rocky beach and ship anchored offshore].
116. Japanese Poacher in Sitka Harbor.
117. Gov. Hoggatt [left] and Dr. Moffat [(right) standing on deck of ship].
118. Russian Souvenirs [man and woman on board ship].
118a. Alaska [color map of Alaska].
119. Tatilek [Tatitlek; fish rack near houses].
120. Natives of Tatilek [Tatitlek; woman and three children next to a house].
121. Seal Rocks [view across water].
122. Seal Rocks [view across water].
123. Glacier at Thumb Cove.
124. Seward [from the water].
125. Gasoline Car used on Alaskan Cent. R.R. [Alaskan Central Railroad; five people standing beside open car].
126. Part of Alaskan Cent. R.R. [overall view of curving trestle in wide valley.]
127. Glacier on A.C.RR.
128. Sightseeing on A.C.RR. [six passengers and conductor in a gasoline car].
129. Glacier seen from A.C.RR.
130. Kodiak [looking down over the town]. Blurred view
131. Chignik [distant view of buildings on shoreline at foot of mountains].
132. A Rainy Day on Deck. Nan - K & F [three people on deck of ship].
133. Whale Birds in Behring Sea.
134. Dutch Harbor. B.S. Ballyhoo Mt. in baskground [(background) ship at dock in foreground].
135. Unalaska. B.S. [Russian Orthodox church and houses].
136. Aleuts of Unalaska [four children seated on ground near building].
137. Air Ship Cloud as seen over Pavlof [lens-shaped cloud].
138. Pavlof Volcano. Active [view across water].
139. Pavlof.
140. Pavlof near view.
141. Pavlof.
142. Pavlof in early Morn.
143. Fishing in Rodman Bay [two men on a stream].
144. Church at Squay Bay [Squaw Bay].
145. Natives of Squaw Bay [three native and three Caucasian men standing around a large wooden box].
146. Harvard Glacier [face].
147. Nassau Fiord [rocky shoreline].
148. Nassau Fiord [rocks and chunk of ice].
149. "The Tiger," Nassau Fiord [two open boats near Tigertail Glacier].
150. The Tiger [similar to 149 but more distant].
151. Nassau Fiord.
152. Nassau Fiord.
153. "The Tiger," Nassau Fiord [two open boats in distance approaching Tigertail Glacier].
154. Gull Rocks [boat below cliff].
155. Nassau Fiord [two men standing on rocks in foreground].
156a & b. Panorama of Princeton Glacier.
157. Tiger's Tail [Tigertail Glacier face].
158. Group at Tigers Tail [posed on hill].
159. Princeton Glacier [party on hill in center, waving].
160. Christening Princeton Glacier [two open boats filled with waving people; glacier in background].
161. Sitka Harbor [Indian canoe on rocky beach].
162. Totem at Sitka.
163. Totem at Sitka.
164. Pleasant afternoon on deck.
165. Officers of Wrecked S.S. OHIO coming Aboard S.S. YUCATAN [ in small rowboat].
166. Wreck of S.S. OHIO.
167. Bargains! [George Perkins displaying an item on board ship].

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