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Advanced Certificate in General English e-learning Component Unit 2 e pur si muove Answers

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Unit 2

E pur si muove - Answers

Source material: Galileo's theory (YouTube)

Watch the video and answer the questions below

  1. Comprehension 1

Mark the statements below True, False, or Not Given. Where a statement is false, correct it in the space underneath.

  1. The person Galileo is talking to at the beginning of the scene is his son.

Not Given. It only mentions that he is his assistant. He may or may not be his son.

  1. Galileo agrees with the Aristotle (an Ancient Greek philosopher).

False. He says the sun is at the centre of the universe, despite what Aristotle says.

  1. Galileo says that if the earth revolved around the sun it would never get dark.

False. This is the objection that his assistant raises.

  1. The third person in the scene is a member of the Inquisition.

False. He is another astronomer.

  1. Galileo intends to go to Rome later.

True – when he has proved his theory.

  1. The third person says that if Galileo writes a book about his theories, he will be executed.


  1. Comprehension 2

  1. Who does Galileo pretend to be at the beginning of the scene and why?

Galileo pretends to be one of his own enemies to give his assistant practice in defending his theory.

  1. Why is the third person in Venice?

To say goodbye to some friends before going to Rome.

  1. What reason does this person suggest for the good job he has been given?

He is loyal to the Church.

  1. What do you understand by the following words from the dialogue?

  1. flaw - a mistake or fault

  1. make-believe – pretending something is real when it is not

  1. farewell – goodbye

  1. stake – a piece of wood stuck in the ground. Heretics were tied to these and burnt

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