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Adopting Older Cats & Dogs

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Adopting Older Cats & Dogs
I think most people don’t understand that older cats and dogs are just as good as puppies or kittens.

Sometimes even better. They might not play as much, but they are a lot easier to take care of, because they are usually already trained. They are house trained, know various commands, are most likely trained on the leash, and will settle into your home quickly. Older dogs and cats are great companions. Plus, you can probably find out a lot about their history; whether they’re good with kids, if they grew up with cats or other dogs, ect. By adopting an older animal, you can find the perfect pet for your family.

I adopted my 8 year old dog, Meiko, from the East Haven Animal Shelter, and I am very glad that I did. She grew up with cats, so she doesn’t try to hurt my two cats, Pumpkin and Scatcat. She is actually very nice to them. She is great with kids, which is great for me because I am one. I am very happy with Meiko, and she really loves it here. She is good with our goats, and doesn’t growl, bite, or bark. I’m not saying every dog is like that, but you can probably find out about things like that from either their old owners or a shelter assistant.

I remember the day I first saw Meiko. We walked into the shelter, and she came right over, put a paw on my dad’s leg, and gave him a great big kiss on the cheek. It was so sweet. After that we got to walk her, and everything went well. We were told that she wasn’t that great with other dogs, but it was good that they let us know that. Before we took her home, Meiko’s old owner came to say goodbye. That must have been very special for her, so we let her old owner walk her until he had to leave. Life for her has been great ever since.

For those of you who are hesitant about adopting a cat ten years or older, cats can live a very long time if taken care of. In fact, I also have an 18 year old cat named Pumpkin, although we didn’t adopt him from a shelter. He is the friendliest cat I have ever met. He is just like a baby (in the cute sense). He loves attention, and he deserves it. All my life I have never seen him scratch or bite anyone. Every time someone pats or holds him, he purrs. He is very sweet and kind, and yes, he still is very playful. I love him very much.

© 2005 N. Clark
Most people don’t want to adopt an older cat or dog because they think it’s going to die after a year or two. That’s almost never correct. You never know how long they are going to live, so why don’t you give it a try. Every time you adopt an older cat or dog, you are saving their life. Please, if you really care about animals, give them a home, because when you do, you are also giving them back their life. By Nicole Clark, 11

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