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Acknowledgements the author and publisher would like to thank The Beatles and their associates who helped with this book

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The author and publisher would like to thank The Beatles and their associates who helped with this book:

George Harrison, Harry Harrison, Alan Rogan.

The Lennon Estate, Yoko Ono, Karla Merrifield, Studio One.

Sir Paul McCartney, John Hammel, MPL Communications Ltd.

Ringo Starr, Bruce Grakal, Bill Harrison.

Sir George Martin; Geoff Emerick.

The author sends very special thanks to the following whose help and encouragement made this book possible: Tony Bacon, Nigel Osborne, and everyone at Backbeat UK; Kevin Walsh; Larry "I only collect pre-Ringo instruments" Wassgren; Russ Lease; Miki Slingsby; Bob Martin. Dick Denney became a good friend during the making of this book, and went out of his way to help, so it was with deep regret I learned of his death during 2001. I'll miss Dick -but every time I play my AC-30 I'll think of him.
This book would not have been possible without the existence of three key Beatle books. They are The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions (Hamlyn/Crown 1988) and The Complete Beatles Chronicle (Pyramid 1992) by Mark Lewisohn, and The Beatles Anthology (Cassell 2000). Mark's painstaking work on researching and cataloguing The Beatles' recordings and other activities is unequalled and his definitive books are a must. This book would also have been considerably more difficult to put together had it not been for Sean O'Mahony and the reports and photographs he published in the 1960s in his Beat Instrumental and Beatles Monthly Book magazines, which helped unravel the puzzle. Grateful thanks to Mark and Sean.
The author would like to thank: Bob Adams, Phil Alexander, Kent Allen, Sidney Amsellem, Dave Anderson, Ivor Arbiter, John Arbiter, Arbiter Group, Chet Atkins, Avedis Zildjian Co, Randy Bachman, Gordon Baer (Cincinnati), Ginger Baker, Vic Baltusis, Rick Bandoni, Adrian Barber, Joe Barone, John Barrelli, Peter Barton (Rothery Artist Management International), Johnny Bee Badanjek, Tom Bender, Christian Benker, Peter Bennett, Jay Bertalan, Pete Best, Roag Best, Bev Bevan, Alf Bicknell, Roger Binette, Micheal Blum, Colin Blunstone, Dick Boak, Mike Boise, Bonhams, Boosey & Hawkes, Hank Borchers, John Borrelli, Mike Boyack, Gloria Boyce, Les Braid, Delaney Bramlett, Kim Bramlett, Rich Briere, Harold Bronson, Lee Brovits, Joe Brown, Ken Brown, Michael Brown, Pat Brown, Jack Bruce, Wally Bryson, John Bunning, Jim Burdett, Eric Burdon, Danny Burgauer, Ron Bushy, Terry M Butz, John Sean Byrne, Johnny Guitar Byrne, Joe Carducci, Bun E. Carlos, Walter Carter, Jeff Cary, Peppy Castro, Jim Catalano, Sam Catalona, Cheap Trick, Neil Cherian, The Chesterfield Kings, Jeff Chonis, Christie's, Mike Cidoni, Allan Clarke, Reg Clarke. Mitch Colby, Rob Cook (Rebeats), Gene Cornish, Fred Coyner, Inciardi Craig, Tony Crane, Kenny Daniel, Don Dannemann, Jonathan Davis, Rod Davis, Spencer Davis, Paul Day, John De Christopher, Dave Dean, Ron DeMarino, Dera & Associates, Rick Derringer, Gary Dick (Gary's Classic Guitars), Bo Diddley, Dennis Diken, DJ Printing, Dick Dodd, Lee Dorman, Chris Dreja, Mark Dronge, Aynsley Dunbar, Jamie Duquette, Allison Dutch, Eager Bros Music, Elliot Easton, Ian Edwards, EMI International, Kris Engelhardt, Dresden Engle, Ray Ennis, John Entwistle, Epiphone, EPL Pictures Ltd, Gerry Evans, Fender Musical Instruments, Ren Ferguson, Bill Flores, Kim Fowley, Darik Franks, Ed Freeman, David Fricke, George Fullerton, Mike Galia, Freddie Garritty, George Eastman House, Brian Gibson, Gibson Montana, Gibson USA, John "St John" Gillard, Doug Gould, Lou Gram, Phi! Grant, Rick Greenstein, Fred Gretsch, Fred Gretsch Enterprises Ltd, Eric Griffiths, Henry Gross, Guitar Salon International, Mick Guzauski, Randy Haecker, F,C. Hall, John Hall, Tom Hamilton, Bill Hanley, Garth Hannie, Hansal, Colin Hanton, Hard Rock Hotel, Justin Harrison, Louise Harrison, Richard Harrison, Bill Harry, Tom Hartman, Bruce Hastell, Brian Hatt, Bob Havalack, Mark Havey, Justin Hayward, Lenny Helsing, Tony Hicks, Rick Hock, Karl Hofner GmbH, Barry Hood, Daryl Hooper, Jamie Hoover, Matt Horwitz, Will Houde-Water, House Of Guitars, Chris Huston, Bob Irwin, Jeff Jarema, Stan Jay (Mandolin Bros), Glyn Johns, Robi Johns, Don Johnson (Musical Merchandise Review), Bruce Johnston, Davy Jones, Mick Jones, Laurence Juber, Jorma Kaukonen, JD King, Billy Kinsley, Marijke Koger, Korg USA, Billy J Kramer, Duke Kramer, Eddie Kramer, Howard Kramer, Paul Kreft, Carl Labate, Denny Laine, Greg Lake, Glen Lambert, Mark Lapidos, Rob LaVaque, Carol Lawrence, Pearl Leaberman, Donovan Leitch, Tony Levin, Rick Levy, Ace Ray Lichtenstein, Deb Lindsay, Mark Lindsay, Miriam Linna (Norton Records Archives), Richard Lipack, Tim Livingston, Jackie Lomax, Jim Lopes (B-Sharp Music), Brett Louden, James Lowe, John Duff Lowe, William Ludwig Jr, The Ludwig/Selmer Company, Richard Lush, Charle Lytel, Robert Malvasi, Colin Manley, Jim Marince, Gerry Marsden, Chris Martin IV, C.F. Martin Guitar Company, Mike Maxfield. Brian May John Mayall, Stephen Maycock, Gabe McCarty Delbert McClinton, Eric McDow, Jerry McGeorge, Roger McGuinn, Scott MacKenzie, John McNally, Scotty Meade (EPL Pictures Ltd), Terry Melcher, Dale Menten, Ron Mesh, Tim Miklaucic, Billy Miller, Vern Miller, Bruce Mineroff, Joey Molland, Zoot Money, Bill Monot, Dr Bob Moog, Malcolm Moore, Paul Morabito, Graham Nash, The National Centre For Popular Music (Sheffield), Rick Nielsen, Paul Nunes, Brian O'Hara, Mark O'Hara, Tex O'Hara, The Old Hippie, Rob Olsen, John Oram, Brian Ormand, Ted Owen, Wally Palmar, May Pang, Alan Parsons, Siobhan Pascoe, Tom Passamonte, Alby Paynter, Les Paul, Mike Pender, Carl Perkins, Rick Perrotta, Tom Petersson, Rod Phelps, John Phillips, Nick Phillips, Bruce Pilato (Pilato Entertainment Group), Ethan Porter, Simmon Posthuma, Don Potter, Greg Prevost, Amalia Ramirez (Jose Ramirez Guitarras Musica SL), Don Randall, Noel Redding, Retro/Active Music Memorabilia, Rickenbacker International Corporation, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum, Betty Rodrigues, Tommy Roe, Wayne Rogers, Hari Rogulj, Jim Rosenberg, Chris Roslan, Rothery Artist Management International , John Ryan, Bob Sabellico, Mark Sampson, Jim Sawyers, Bruce & Armand Schaubroeck, Jay Scott, Mike Selby Ravi Shankar, Tony Sheridan, Kim Simmonds (Savoy Brown), Richard Smith, Jim Sohns, Sotheby's, David Soule, Jim Spencer, David Spero, Warwick Stone, Alan Stratton, Sundazed Music, Art Swartele, Barry Tashian, Dick Taylor, Doug Taylor Steve Taylor, Jean Toots Thielemans, Brad Townsend, Ken Townsend, MarkTulin, Sal Valentino, Scott Van Dusen, Vox Amplification Ltd, Keith Wechsler, Jeff & Brad Wheat, Alan White, Silagh White, Steve It'll only take you a weekend" (six years later!) White, Barry Whitwam, Chris Whorton, Carl Wilson, Zal Yanovsky Carol Young, Roy Young, Robin Zander.
The publisher would like to thank the following in addition to those named in the Key To Photographs: Junichi Akutsu (John Lennon Museum), RobAllingham (Gallo Africa Archive), Walter Carter, Paul Day, Gary S Dick (Gary's Classic Guitars), Lyn Edwards, Suzanne Elston (Abbey Road), Alexander Crum Ewing (Bonhams), Lee Gagliano, Dave Gregory, Ben Hall, John Hall (Rickenbacker), Tetsuo Hamada (Produce Centre), John Hammel, Bill Harrison, Rick Hock, Sanae Ito (Produce Centre), Donald James, David Kean, Howard Kramer (Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame), Russ Lease, Mark Lewisohn, Christie Lucco (Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame), Brian Majeski (The Music Trades), Bob Martin, Barry Mason, Stephen Maycock (Sotheby's), Karla Merrifield (Studio One), Barry Moorhouse (Acoustic Centre), David Nathan (National Jazz Foundation Archive), Geoff Nicholls, Em Parkinson (Hulton Archives), Greg Prevost, Heinz Rebellius, John Reynolds (Golden Age Guitars), Phil Richardson, Chris Roberts, Alan Rogan, Lisa Savage (Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame), Dave Seville, Mark Vail, Jaap van Eik, Larry Wassgren, Masatoshi Watanabe (John Lennon Museum), Jon Wilton (Redfern's).
Trademarks: Throughout this book a number of registered trademark names are used. Rather than put a symbol next to every occurrence of a trademarked name, we state here that we are using the names only in an editorial fashion and that we do not intend to infringe any trademarks.
Currency in the UK in the 1950s and 1960s was pounds/shillings/pence (£/s/d) expressed like this: £230/15/6. Twelve pence equalled a shilling, 20 shillings equalled a pound. Some luxury goods were priced in guineas; one guinea equalled one pound and one shilling. In this book original UK and US retail prices are sometimes expressed in today's buying power based on formulas devised by the British Government Statistics Office and the US Department Of Labor.
Chart positions quoted come from the Guinness compilations which, for the period covered by this book, are drawn from material originally published in NME and Record Retailer.
Updates? The author and publisher welcome any new information for future editions. Write to Andy Babiuk c/o Backbeat UK, 115J Cleveland Street, London W1T 6PU, England, Or email Andy at, or visit

This book is dedicated to my wife Monica and my children Elizabeth, Victoria, Catherine, Andrew and Laura.

"John loved his guitar collection, all of the guitars. However, his favourite guitar was always the one he'd just bought." Yoko Ono AUTHOR'S INTERVIEW MAY 1993

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