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Abitare 500 (03 2010)

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Abitare 500 (03_2010)


History 500. The power of a magazine

by Mario Piazza
Interview 20.03.1983 Frank and Franco in the wardrobe

Gehry house, Santa Monica. Conversation between Franco Raggi and Frank O. Gehry

Photos by Tim Street-Porter / Esto Edited by Maria Giulia Zunino

Interview The Duke’s Dream

Parco Negombo, Ischia. Conversation between Lea Vergine and Paolo Fulceri Camerini Photos by Enzo Rando. Edited by Alessia Pincini
S.O.S. ABITARE Edited by Anna Foppiano and Matteo Poli

How do you boost a small interior? Alessandro Mendini and Anna Gili answer

Architect Lorenzo Bini Photos by Midori Hasuike

Abitare: 50 years of houses, objects, photos Edited by Mario Piazza


Project The House of Houses

VitraHaus, Weil am Rhein, Germany

Architect Herzog & de Meuron Conversation between Rolf Felhbaum and Jacques Herzog with Stefano Boeri, Anniina Koivu, Giovanna Silva Photos by Iwan Baan Edited by Anniina Koivu

Interiors 1 The house that used to fly

Villa, Tokyo, Japan

Architect Kiyonori Kikutake Text by Florian Idenburg

Photos by Iwan Baan Edited by Fabrizio Gallanti

Interiors 2 A Rocky Prow

Villa, Le Lavandou, Côte d’Azur, France

Architect André Lefèvre Photos by Cyrille Weiner Edited by Anniina Koivu

Exhibition Nothing in our hands, nothing in our pockets

Conversation between Hans Ulrich Obrist and Claude Parent

Photos by Giovanna Silva Edited by Anna Foppiano


Project My work is my surrondings

Artist Masanori Handa Conversation between Tiziana Casapietra and Masanori Handa Edited by Paola Nicolin

Project Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg

Archives of Memory Text by Tan Lin Edited by Anniina Koivu

Research 1 Pamar: Porcelain Handles

Project organized by Gordon Guillaumier Photos by Donato Di Bello Graphic analysis by Salottobuono Edited by Mia Pizzi

Research 2 Stefanel: Stefanel 50 Collection 2009

Designers Annalisa Dunn + Dorothee Hagemann / Cooperative Designs

Graphic analysis by Salottobuono Edited by Mia Pizzi

PORTFOLIO by Mia Pizzi

Outdoor design

MAISON BD Houses into comics

Story Frank. The dream house

Illustrations by Jim Woodring Text by Caterina Grimaldi
Acquainted withtaste

In vitro veritas

Conversation between Davide Rampello and Walter Filiputti

Photos by Filippo Romano Edited by Fabrizio Gallanti

Curiosities Edited by Fabrizio Gallanti and Alessia Pincini

by C. Dercon, C. Ernsten, C. Guadalupe, J-B. Joly, L. Lombardi, M. Miessen, A. Miyake, H.U. Obrist, M. Shoshan.


Museum New Design Museum 04 an idea by Enzo Mari

Selection by Vittorio Gregotti Edited by Anniina Koivu
Instructions and Manuals

by Salottobuono (p. 92, p. 102)

Front cover VitraHaus, Weil am Rhein Photo by Iwan Baa

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