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Aberdeen Aiberdeen above abinn, abune, abeen afraid

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Aberdeen Aiberdeen

above abinn, abune, abeen

afraid feart, eerie

after efter

ago bygane

alone alane

apple aipple

always aye, ayewis

altogether awthegither

among amang

ancestors forefolk

annoy deave

another anither

ant eemock

anti-clockwise widdershins

arrow arra

around aroond, aroon

arm airm

armpit oxter

ask tae spier

assemble foregaither

avoid jouk

away awa

awful awfie

awkward corrie-fistit


bad-tempered crabbit

back rig

bag poke

ball baw, ba

bark to bowf

bat flittermoose, bawkie bird

beautiful bonnie

bee bumbee

before afore

belong belang

below ablow

between atween

big muckle

blackbird blackie

blind blinn

blood bluid, blidd, bleed

boil bile

bold gallus

bone bane

bonxie the Great Skua

both baith

bottom bahookie

boy laddie, loon

box kist

bread breid

breast breist

broom besom

brown broon


candle caunnle

cannot cannae, canna

careful cannie

card caird

carry cairry

cart cairt

cattle kye

change cheenge, chynge

chat blether

cheat pauchle

chest kist

chew chaw

chicken chookie

child bairn, wean

chimney lum

Christmas Yule

church kirk

cloth cloot

clothes claes

complain girn

confused dottled

cottage but and ben

cover hap

cow coo

cower coor

coward cooard

crab partan

crane cran

crazy radge

crow craw

crowd clanjamfrie

crown croon

cry greet

cuckoo gowk

cunning pawkie

cute couthie


daddy-long-legs jenny-lang-legs

dagger dirk

daisy gowan

damage skaith

dare daur

dark daurk

daughter dochter

daydream dwam

deaf deef

dead deid

death daith, deeth

devil deevil, deil

die tae dee

dirty clarty

disgusted scunnered

disturbance stooshie

do tae dae

dodge jink

dog dug, doag, dowg

don't dinnae, dinna

dove doo

down doon

doze off dover

drop drap

dress goonie

duck dook

dust stoor


eagle earn

ear lug

earwig forkie-tailie

Edinburgh Embra, Auld Reekie

eleven eleeven

empty toom

endure thole

ewe yowe

eye ee

eyes een


familiar kenspeckle

family faimlie

fancy fantoosh

farm fairm, ferm

fault faut

fight fecht

filthy maukit

finger finger

floor flair

flower flooer

fluff oose

follow follae

food scran

found foond

foot fit

foreign fremmit

forward forrit

four fower

freckles fernietickles

friend freend, freen

fright fricht, fleg

frog puddock

from fae, frae


game gemme

garden gairden

gardener gairdner

gather gaither

ghost bogle, ghaist

gift handsel

girl lassie, quine

give gie

glad gled

Glasgow Glesga, Glesca

glance glisk

go gang, gae

going gaun

gold gowd

golf gowf

gooseberry groser

gossip clishmaclaver

ground grund, grun, groond

grumpy crabbit

gulp gowp


half hauf

hand haun, haund, han

hang hing

harbour herbour

harvest hairst

have hae

head heid

heart hert

hesitate swither

hill brae, law, knowe

hive byke

hold haud

home hame

horse cuddie

house house


ice-cream cone pokey-hat

icicle ice shoogle

idiot eejit, numptie

inform on someone clype

injection jag

irritable carnaptious


jam jeelie

jam sandwich jeelie piece

jersey ganzie

jovial joco

jumble jummle


knock tae chap

know ken


language leid

lark laverock

laugh tae lauch

law rounded hill

lie lee

light licht

list leet

little wee, sma, peerie, peedie

little finger pinkie

loch lake

long lang

loof palm


mad gyte

make mak

man gadgie

manslaughter culpable homicide

marbles bools

market mercat

marry mairry

meadow haugh

mess midden, guddle

miserable dreich

miserly grippie

mixture mixter-maxter

mole mowdie, mowdiewarp

monkey puggie

mouth mooth

more mair

most maist

mouldy foostie

move tae flit

mouse moose

must maun

myself masel


neck craigie

neighbour neebor

night nicht

no naw

none nane

nonsense haivers

nose neb

not nae

notebook jotter

now noo


off aff

old auld, aald

once wance, yince, aince

one ane, wan, yin, een, ae

onion ingan, syboe

out oot

over ower

overturn cowp, whummle

owl hoolet

own ain

oxen owsen


paddle paiddle

pale peeliewally

palm loof

part pairt

pavement causey

peeping keekin

pigeon doo

pile bing

plaster stookie

pleasure pleisure

pluck pook

plum ploom

poet makar

pony pownie

potato tattie

pound pund, poond

pour poor

puddle dub

puff pech

puffin Tammie Norrie

puny shilpit



raven corbie

reach rax

red reid, ridd

rip tear

road gate

robin Reid Rab

round roond

rough roch, coorse

row raw

rubbish bruck

rush tae breenge


sad dowie

saliva slavers

sandwich piece

scarecrow tattie-bogle

school schuil, schule, squeel

scold tae flyte

scratch scart

shake shoogle

sheep yowe

shelter bield

shirt sark

short cutty

shy blate

sight sicht

singer sangster

sink a jaw-box

slap skelp

slide skite

slippers baffies

smelly mingin

smoke reek

sneaky sleekit

snivel tae bubble

soaking drookit

soft saft

soldier sodger

song sang

song-thrush mavis

sore sair

sparrow sparra, speug

spell cantrip

spider speeder, ettercap

spinning birlin

splinter skelf

snow snaw

stare glower

starling stuckie

steal reive

stone stane

strike tae ding

stubborn sweir, thrawn

stupid glaikit

sulky dortie


take tak

talk nonsense tae haiver

tangle taigle, fankle, raivel

thin skinnymalinkie

thirsty droothie

through ben

thump dunt

tickle kittle

tidy tae redd up

tiny tottie

top tap

tramp gaberlunzie

trick pliskie

trousers breeks, troosers

trout troot

try tae ettle

turkey bubblyjock

turnip neep, tumshie


unearthly eldritch

under unner

unsteady shooglie, eemis

unusual unco

uproar collieshangie, stramash

upside down tapsalteerie


vibrate dirl

visit veesit

very awfie, gey

vomit boak


water watter

wet weet

wheelbarrow barra

willow sauch

window windae, winnock

wipe tae dicht

witch carline

wither tae dwine

wizard warlock

wool oo

work darg

world warld

wrestle warsle

write scrieve

wrong wrang, agley


yellow yella, yellae

yes aye

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