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(cell) 605.695.7642 Member AEA & SAG eligible
The Pact Ancel Fox Tarantula Entertainment

Two Delta Spots HVAC Guy & Surgeon Nick Simon, Director

Magic Makers Spot Cool Guy Nick Simon, Director

Of Minor Prophets Myers Passenger Productions

The Worst Kind of People Aaron Andersen Sponge Migration Prod.

Even Felons Fall Rob Tarantula Entertainment

Super Sucker A.A.S.A.H.A. Agent Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Films

Drug Run Bobby Adam Productions

Barn Red Lydia’s Husband Brauer Productions, Inc.

Charter Bank Commercial Customer The Marketing Source, Inc.

Oakwood Healthline Cousin Vinny Casper Studios

The Miracle of Being Andrew One Bench Players

Escanaba In Da Moonlight Ranger Tom T. Treado Prairie Repertory Theatre

Communicating Doors Reece State University Theatre

Bat Boy Pan State University Theatre

Orphan Train Douglas/Willis Purple Rose Theatre

Escanaba In Da Moonlight Ranger Tom T. Treado GEM & Purple Rose Theatres

Rain Dance by Landford Wilson Hank, understudy Purple Rose Theatre

First Day of Graduate School Charlie Brown Rackham Auditorium

Strange Love & Unusual Sex Various Roles Performance Network

Captain Beefalo Hoss Genetti’s Hole in the Wall Theatre

The Cricket in Times Square Cricket, Sai Fong Wild Swan Theatre

Disagreeable Customer J.R. “Jimmy” Jones Greenfield Village

Samantha, An American Girl Uncle Gardner Greenfield Village

Talley & Son Timmy Talley P.T.D. Productions

Anything Goes Billy Crocker Chelsea Players

The Pact (Feature Film), Actor, Executive Producer, Writer, August 2011, Brookings, SD; Showed in over 20 Festivals World Wide and won several Best Feature Awards.

Mischief In The Morning (Short Film), Director & Producer, August 2012, Brookings, SD

The Trickster & The Troll (opera), Stage Director. November 2008, Brookings, SD; World Premiere

Even Felons Fall (Short film) Writer, producer, co-director. May 2008, Brookings, SD

Group (Musical) Writer, Composer & Co-director. March 2008, Brookings, SD; World Premiere

Poor Jake (Short Film) Producer, writer, director, actor, editor. April 2005, Brookings, SD

Emotion Commotion (Short Film) Producer, writer, director, editor. February 2005. Brookings, SD

Staged Opera Scenes, Stage director. South Dakota State University April, 2005 & 2006. Brookings, SD

Sneakers (music video) Co-Director. March 2004. Ann Arbor, MI

A Beam in Your Eye (short film) Producer & Co-director. Developed and financed in association with MC Media. January 2002. Ann Arbor, MI

Bugsy Malone (musical comedy) Director. Young People’s Theater. Summer 2001. Ann Arbor, MI

Our Stories (historical stage play) Producer, Writer & Director. Huron Valley Ward Acting Troupe. Winter 2000. Ann Arbor, MI

Wild and Crazy Guys (short film) Co-Director. Spring 1998. Ann Arbor, MI


Reality Building – Feature Film (thriller)
The Pact – Feature Film (comedy) – Produced August 2011, currently on festival circuit
Even Felons FallShort Film (romantic comedy) – Produced May 2008; currently in post-production. Financed by several private investors ($4000)
Home Shoppers Anonymous – Feature Length (romantic comedy) – In development.
Warrior Woman of the Black Hills – Feature Film (black comedy) – Finished Manuscript
A Cherry Tree Behind the Iron Curtain – Feature Film (drama) – In development.

Group – Full Length Stage Musical – Full production at South Dakota State University Theatre Department, (Spring 2008). Full production at Washington Pavilion, Belbas Theatre, Sioux Falls, (Spring 2008). Work shop & Staged Reading at Penn State University, Fall 2007. Readings at South Dakota State University and The Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis (Spring 2006). Note: Received a $3000 Artist Grant from South Dakota Arts Council, 2007-08.
The Miracle of Being – Full Length Stage Play – Fully produced, Summer 2008, One Bench Players.
Two Good Swimmers – Full Length Stage Play – Finished Manuscript. Under consideration by several theatres.
The Perfect Kiss – Full Length Stage Musical – In development.
Our Stories – Historical Stage Play – Produced by Ann Arbor Stake Acting Troupe (Winter 2000).

Esther - Full Length Stage Musical -- In development.

Tenor & lead singer of the band, Damn Sexy Man, songwriter, guitar, piano, waltz, jitterbug, Spanish, juggling, athletics of all kinds, most Microsoft applications, Final Cut Pro & Pro Tools.
-- Actor-Director-Playwright Workshop, Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Theatre, Fall 1998, 2000, & 2001.

-- Bachelor of Arts Degree - Kalamazoo College.

-- M.S. Degree – South Dakota State University.
Damn Sexy Man. LEAD SINGER, Co-producer, Co-writer, Arranger & Musician. Supervised the financing, recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, duplication, marketing & distribution of our ten song, self-titled album, DSM. Jan. 2005. Ann Arbor, MI & Burbank, CA **Over 600 copies sold


Audio Board Operator, Lighting Board Operator, Props Master, Stage Hand. Jeff Daniels’ Escanaba in Da Moonlight. Gem Theatre in association with the Purple Rose Theatre. Jan. 2000 to Jan. 2001. Chelsea, MI & Detroit, MI.

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