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A message From Ruth Hyde obe – Our New Chief Executive

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A Message From Ruth Hyde OBE – Our New Chief Executive

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of introducing myself as the person who has taken over from Mel Brown on his retirement.

I am really looking forward to coming to Broxtowe and look forward to getting to know you all and

finding out about Broxtowe’s particular challenges and opportunities, and its local community.

I am a lawyer by profession (but don’t hold that against me!), and I have always worked in the public sector, because I enjoy trying to play a part in making life better for local people. I did my articles in Bedford, and then moved to work with Bedfordshire County Council where I spent some years specialising in social services litigation, and planning work, and then moved to Leicestershire where I became head of the legal department at Charnwood Borough Council, before moving to Oadby and Wigston Borough Council as their Borough Secretary and

then Chief Executive.

I probably live closer to Broxtowe than Oadby – in the village of Wymeswold where I and my husband Michael have lived for the last 18 years or so. We have no children, but have two Siamese cats who like to join in with any telephone conversation! In our spare time we run a youth group for young teenagers, are involved with our local church, and we enjoy walking, gardening and a variety of different types of dancing.
Working in local government has always been both rewarding and demanding for all of us who find ourselves in the public service. Never more so than now. I totally identify with Broxtowe’s mission, which is to provide high quality services so that Broxtowe is a place where people want to live and work, and I look forward to building on what you have already worked hard to achieve. At a time when there are many distractions, competing targets, demands on time, audit of everything and not enough money to go round, focusing on those twin objectives of high quality service provision, and meeting the needs

of the people who live in the local area is crucial.

I like to work by trying to engage and develop all of the talent and potential of all of the workforce - so I will be relying on you – your ideas and creativity, your commitment and enthusiasm, your energy and determination - for future success. In return you will have my 100% support, my

promise always to listen to what you have to say, to be fair, inclusive, decisive and positive about the future.

Finally I would like to add my thanks, I am sure to many of yours, to Mel for his kindness and wisdom over the years. When I was a very young and inexperienced Chief Executive he was, and has remained, a very willing source of advice and support. Mel, have a well earned and happy retirement!

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