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9800 Elk Grove-Florin Road Elk Grove, California 95624

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9800 Elk Grove-Florin Road

Elk Grove, California 95624

September 11, 2012
Ms. Genevieve Klaiber

Chair of Board of Directors

Sacramento Art Directors & Artists Club

2791 24th Street

Sacramento, California 95816

Dear Ms. Klaiber,

The poster we chose is Explosions in the Sky by Aesthetic Apparatus. Our poster is very colorful, it features metallic silver, metallic gold, red, cyan, black and it is printed on archival white stock paper. It includes many art elements such as lines, form, texture, value and color. Rhythm, balance, proportion, emphasis and harmony are just a few of the design principles used in our poster. Our poster has a head with brain cells spilling out, synapses exploding into flowers, and two hands on top of each other.

We feel our poster, Explosions in the Sky, should be accepted into the ADAC Hall of Fame for a few reasons. This poster is special because it is not limited to one meaning, its interpretation can be left up to the viewers. Since our poster is symbolic of the band, Explosions in the Sky, the several meaning and the mystery of the poster contributes to their musical influence.

Not only do the synapses of the flowers tie into the title, it also is symbolism. It represents the brain activity of their audience while they’re listening to their music. Similar to the band’s music, our poster is also very unique. It is very original and one of a kind, because of the intricate details and symbolism in the poster. It was well thought out, and it is apparent that the artists, Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewskii, spent a large amount of time creating it.

Because of the reasons we stated, we strongly believe the poster, Explosions in the Sky, would be a perfect candidate for the ADAC Hall of Fame. It has symbolism, is very unique, a wide variety of design principles and art elements, and is also very broad, giving the audience a choice on the meaning.


Jenny Naumovich

Mackenzie Kerling

Elk Grove High School Computer Graphics Students

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