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6th regional museum meeting social Inclusion and the Contemporary Museum

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Social Inclusion and the Contemporary Museum

The Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Srpska

Banjaluka, 5th to 8th of November 2015


Regional Alliance of ICOM SEE

National Committee of ICOM Bosnia and Herzegovina

Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Srpska

Regional alliance of ICOM South East Europe and the National Committee of ICOM Bosnia and Herzegovina, in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporery Art of the Republic of Srpska, is organising the Sixth Regional Museum Meeting in the period between the 5th and the 8th of November 2015. The theme of the meeting is “Social inclusion and the contemporary museum“.

The Sixth Regional Museum Meeting will start on the 5th of November by opening of the exhibition which bears the title “Space, Form, Touch“ and which is the result of collaboration of the Museum of Contemporary Art with the Typhlological Museum from Zagreb. This specialized exhibition is adapted for visually impaired persons. The main goal of the exhibition is to include visually impaired persons into the museum's activities by giving them the opportunity to experience art and take part in contemporary cultural events. The concept of this exhibition is adapting the abstract works (paintings, sculptures and graphics) which are a part of the fundus of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Srpska by making tactile reproductions and audio material, which would enable the visually impaired visitors to fully feel and experience art.

Lectures related to the theme “Social inclusion and the contemporary museum” are also a part of this Regional meeting and they will be given by professionals from the region. Lectures will be given on the 6th and the 7th of November at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Srpska in Banja Luka.

Contemporary research in the field of museology is mostly dedicated to social inclusion, that is, to the museum as an institution which holds a great amount of social responsibility and that is the reason why the theme of these sessions is related to the social inclusion and the role of the contemporary museum in today’s society. The goal of these sessions is to enrich and broaden experiences of the regional museum institutions and to make a new strategy which would concern social inclusion.

The last day of the Regional Museum Meeting (7th of November) is reserved for the visit to the National park Kozara and the Memorial complex which houses a monument dedicated to the battle against the World War II occupier and whose author is the Croatian artist Dušan Džamonja. This memorial site is a very important part of cultural heritage and it consists of the Memorial wall, the Museum and the Monument itself. It is very well incorporated into the natural surroundings of the mountain Kozara and it represents a unique example of a cultural landscape in this region.

The visit to the Memorial complex is also reserved for lectures which will be given by respected guests from Italy and which are related to the theme of cultural landscape. Our wish is to connect these lectures to the General ICOM Conference which will be held in Milan in 2016, as well as to take this opportunity to raise questions and open discussions which will be a part of the agenda of the conference.

We strongly feel that the Sixth Regional Museum Meeting will be a good opportunity for the professionals from the region to not only broaden their knowledge when it comes to social inclusion and the role museums play in today’s society when it comes to this topic, but also to exchange experiences and point out the ways in which the museums from the region are dealing with this topic. We kindly ask of you to enclose the name of the lecturer who would represent your institution, i.e. the national committee, but also the lecture on the topic “Social inclusion and the contemporary museum”. This would be of great help to us, so that we can organize all the logistics needed for the meeting.

Applications can be sent on the address: and no later than 20th of October 2015.
The coordinator of the project is Mladen Banjac, curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Srpska.

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