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262 hours serving faith during February. He told us that on Maundy Thursday there will be first communion

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Pastor Hessler reported that he spent 262 hours serving FAITH during February. He told us that on Maundy Thursday there will be first communion for those Confirmands currently attending the classes. Our annual Holy Week Prayer Vigil is on Wednesday, April 16th from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. A Gideon’s organization representative will speak on April 6th.
It was the consensus of the Council that we take a collection at the door on April 6th for the work the Gideons do in distributing Bibles.
Dan Felten reported that eight Youth and two adults are registered for the Youth Gathering on Mackinac Island this summer.

Tania Lex, our Preschool/Childcare Director, reported on our licensing renewal and a fire inspection report. She told us that if we order the playground equipment at the beginning of April, the cost would be approximately $8000. We also need mulch to go under the equipment and volunteers to spread it.

A motion was passed that we refer to our program ‘Preschool/Childcare’ instead of ‘Childcare/Preschool.’
Rich Lewis reported the elders acted on the transfer to FAITH of Otto & Delores Archambeau from Messiah, Saginaw and Kristian McNalley from Emmanuel, Cadillac. Dennis and Wendylee Wieske have been referred to a local church in their area. The elders also accepted the following members of Christ Lutheran in Birch Run as Associate Members: Doc (David) Cook, Jill Eischer, Randy Eischer, Rose Foster, Maxine Frounfelter, Skip (Howard) Frounfelter, John Granger, Nancy Hillenbrand, the Rev. Richard Hillenbrand, Jean Husen, Richard Husen, Steve Koehr, Cotton (Floyd) Matzke, Veraline Matzke, Betty Moggo, Debby Reithmeier, Donny Reithmeier, and Edna Walentovic.

Doug Williams reported that the Board of Christian Education has elected Sandy Davis as their chairman. A Call Committee will be meeting with
Mike Bender, Principal at St. Lorenz, to Call a teacher for FAITH to teach at St. Lorenz.
Dwight McNally reported that the Preschool/Childcare receipts through February totaled $15,279.30. Budget receipts at the end of February were $511.50 ahead the same period last year. Offerings through February are already $10,397.62 behind budget requirements. Additional debt offerings through February total $587.89. He asked for volunteers to adopt an area of our church grounds to care for it.

Louise Davis reported that Last Supper Drama will have dress rehearsal on April 6th.

Sandy Stroup is planning to go on a Short Term eye-glass ministry trip to Guatemala in June with MOST ministries. Chelsey Klein just returned from a mission trip to Mexico.

Family Friendly Partners Network meeting on March 25th at Bethlehem in Saginaw will be attended by Pastor Hessler and a member of our Board of Christian Education.

Kevin Spencer reported on new resident notification.

A motion was passed that the Board of Christian Education go ahead with this type of outreach program.

Compiled by Emy Goodman, Secretary

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