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恭喜榮獲英文閱讀心得競賽 甲等獎

姓名 Name


英文姓名 English name

Cheng, Yu-Ling

就讀學校 School


學號 Number


年級 Grade


指導老師 Instructor


閱讀書目 Book Title

Les Miserables

閱讀心得Book Review

‘All men are created equal’ is a myth from the ancient time up to now. Someone are born rich and neither lack of daily necessities nor worry about where the next meal is. On the contrary, poverty is miserable, like the role of Fantine in this story. Even though Fantine was young and beautiful and in love with a man in Paris, but it was just a summer of love. The men had fun with Fantine and went home to his rich family, left nothing to her. Fantine had no family and no money, but only a little girl called Cosette. Woman had a child but no husband was worse than nothing. People were not kind to Fantine and did not offer work to her at all. Before Fantine’s death, she was fortunate to meet Monsieur Madeleine (Jean Valjean, indeed) and request him to take care of her poor little girl, Cosette.

Forgivingness and love can change a person. Two cases in this story were bishop helped Jean Valjean not to be sent to prison and Jean Valjean rescued Inspector Javert not to be shot by the rebels. In the first case, the bishop said smilingly to the stranger with a yellow card that ‘my friend, in the eyes of God you are my brother’, and let Jean Valjean stay in church for dinner and sleep. Even Jean Valjean stole the silver plates and was caught back to the church as a thief, the bishop forgave his mistake and gave him two silver candlesticks. The bishop said “I am buying your soul for God” to encourage Jean Valjean to leave his bad life behind him, and wished him to begin a new and good life. The miserable has no medicine but only hope and love. Ambition and love are the wings of great actions. Jean Valjean strove for fortune and authority in his life, and endeavored to pass them down for future generations, the Fantine’s little girl Cosette and her lover Marius.

In the second case, Inspector Javert was a hard man. To him, the law was the only important thing in life, and he hated criminals. He had sent Jean Valjean to prison many times. When Javert was caught as a spy by the rebels, Jean Valjean took him out of tavern and let him be free. This confused Javert. Because he worked for law all his life and he had to arrest Jean Valjean. But Jean Valjean set him free, Jean Valjean was a better man than he was. Javert jumped down into the dark river finally.

Pursuing safety, freedom, and love is human nature. Many young students stayed in Rue de la Chanvrerie and built the barricades to defended the soldiers attacks. Finally, Enjolras and Gavroche, the leader of rebellion students and a Paris street child, and many other young students sacrificed for freedom. Marius was hit by two bullets and hurt. He was fortunate that Jean Valjean saved him. Marius lay for a long time between life and death, but months later, he was well again. To love is to act, every Jack has his Jill, if only they can find each other. Marius and Cosette were the representative roles.

No matter you are poor or rich, the business of life is to go-forward. Some will succeed but some will fail in their lives. The more actively one pursues the dreams in mind, the more chances to succeed. Heaven helps those who help themselves. “Never give up” is my favorite motto, and I will try hard to help those who need help and be successful.

角色 Character

形容詞 Adjective

Jean Valjean


單字 Word

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句子 Sentence

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‘Because, my friend, in the eyes of God you are my brother,’ said the bishop, smiling.


How can I hate people when this bishop is so good to me?


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